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Posted by TimeWaffle

going to be the best bombcast ever

Posted by ThomasP

Woot! Cursing!

Posted by CleverLoginName

7 way podcast!

Posted by mad4it89

yay for teh bombcast!

Posted by Lies

Epic? I think so.

Posted by MayorQuimby

Rich,Matt,and Alex on the Bombcast? Holy shit best intro ever!

Posted by Hilit

Oh man I lost it when Jeff broke out the radio voice for the GS throwback. I miss those days but GB is an awesome site so i'm excited about how things are going.

Posted by samcotts

Hell yeah! I am so listening to this now XD

Posted by Bettenfutter

Best Bombcast Ever!

Posted by Ossi

downloading right now...omg rich gallup omg omgomg!

Posted by Daanienator

downloading, can't wait!!!

Posted by CleverLoginName

Man, I wish I was in the hotel room next to them.

Posted by Mister_Snig

The only thing that would've made this podcast more epic is if it started out with Too Hot.

Posted by Super_King

This is going to be awesome

Posted by drewm135

Dude, I so took a picture with that fruit fornicating robot. Can't wait for the video of the panel even though I was there

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Posted by MasterSplinter

Looking forward to the All Star panel.

Posted by TheGamerGeek

It piss'es me off that I can barely hear what they are saying.

Posted by MercenaryXero

This is about to be tight.

Posted by Dimpley

Crazy to hear those friendly voices once again!
Rich gallup = legend

Posted by clovy

Time Trotters 2nd episode OMG soo excited. And i loved the on the spot reference.

Posted by Aaox

Rich Gallup is back, and I am happy. Alex Navarro is back, and I am happy.
I am happy.

Posted by Peter

lol they all sounded really drunk, especially Jeff

Posted by Alphazero

Strawberry Village represent!

They are some cranky people at that High Tech burrito. Good burritos though... if you get 'em.

Posted from my Marin County hot tub...

Posted by KingOfIceland

Phenomenal podcast, guys

Posted by Agent_Lost

omg, this is amazing

Posted by qrter

Great to hear Alex, Rich and Matt back again!

Only ones missing now are Carrie and Greg..! ;)

Posted by Aether

Nice podcast but please leave those killjoy extra guests out next time. They bring nothing to the podcast and just kill the mood. Mr no cursing and the other guy who didnt feel any magic, screw them. They are just fucking lame.

Posted by Kevin

I came.

Posted by DualReaver

They seem a lil drunk.
I like it. :D

And the other people are awesome. >_>

Posted by samcotts

I don't want to be a dick, but that was slightly disappointing. It needed more Rich Gallup and less alcohol. It was hard to listen to with everyone talking over each other, and the lack of structure to it. It started and ended well though.

Hearing from Alex and Rich did sorta make up for it.

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

Oh boy, Ryan is not good at concealing his drunkedness. This was good, in a different way. It needed more Rich, but any amount of Rich is pretty much enough to satisfy.

Posted by Power_and_Glory

Aether this is probably a one time event. Seriously what is wrong with getting together with friends they used to work with to do a podcast. Grow up.

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Posted by ShadowDoGG

That woman has a VERY ANNOYING voice...

Posted by TheGreven

Cool that Rich was on. But PLEASE Giantbombcast, STOP swearing on your podcast. I dont want to hear people say FUCK every 5 minutes. It drags down the professionalism!!

Posted by Venatio

Holy crap this is the greatest people to have in a podcast, everyone is here from before, Rich, Jeff, Vinny, Ryan, Matt, Brad and Alex.


Posted by TripMasterMunky

sounds very echo-ish.

Posted by Klof

More Rich Gallup and less F word next time.
Thank you

Posted by DualReaver


Posted by qrter

People do say "fuck", better get used to it.

Posted by Dudacles

Bombcast is completely awesome. This if definitely the best one yet. I laughed my ass off with this.

Posted by Steve_C

Oh man. I was so hoping rich would open up the show.. and he totally did. I've only just started listening to this and it's already awesome.

Posted by VilhelmNielsen

The intro gave me a nerd-gasm...

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Posted by BinaryDragon

That was epic. a podcast with no centre yet I felt satisfied like a jelly filled donut had been given to me by a slightly dirty kid. I ate it but i definitely checked it before putting it in my mouth.

Awesome work guys!

Posted by Paradigmer

Im ecstatic!  Im gonna go ahead and predict it, awesome-est podcast  Giant Bomb has  ever made!

Posted by Death_Burnout

Gunna have to agree here, you guys did swear way too much here for it to be funny, it was more the drink that was swearin not you guys :/

Posted by HydraHam


thats the japanese spaghetti commercial (for those wanting to see it)