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love this guy

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Oh god...

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yeah cant wait to listen

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Michael Pachter predicted the world wouldn't end last weekend. The man has a gift.

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Crazy music

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Pach sorta sounds like Dave. Not sure why.

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I have a man crush on Michael Pachter.

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Just like Tuesday's Bombcast, this isn't showing up in the RSS feed. I hope it gets fixed.

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Just when I thought it was safe to get some work done....

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Pachter kinda sounds like a deeper-voiced Snider.

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Bonus Bombcast!

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Pachter fighting!

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MOAR BOMBCAST?!?! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

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I love Pachter!
I was surprised to see the little 'new!' beside the bombcast logo, what a great surprise!

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Oh yeah!!

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I wonder how Jeff feels knowing most of E3 except for the press conferences. 

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what a pleasant surprise.

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surprise podcast GO!

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@brian3d said:
Pachter kinda sounds like a deeper-voiced Snider.  
Wow, good ear.
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RSS feed for downloading  Bombcasts has been broken since Tuesday.

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Double bombcast?? 
Plus Pachter??? 

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E3 starts now.

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extra podcasts are my favorite kind

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Pach-attack hell yeah

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Bombcast RSS feed should be updated now, holler if you're still not seeing it.

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I hope we get a week of bombcasts.

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Pachter is freaking awesome

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Pach-Man!! Hopefully he doesn't give Ryan anymore shit for driving an automatic car.

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Pachter is awesome, i don't get why so much people on the internet hates him

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afternoon delight

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Oh god, Giant Bomb! Don't kill me of joy!

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@Ryan: New one is downloading now, still can't see the one for the 24th though.
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pretty sneaky bombcast.

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What a great surprise bonus bit of content!

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oh snap extra bombcast, just in time for work later, thanks guys :)

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I like listening to Pachter even though he can be wrong... a lot. He still has a very interesting view of the industry and can unleash some real insight every once in while. Somewhat glad to see a surprise cast too, more bombcast is always appreciated.

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Bombcast Theme (Hooning Remix)

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This episode of the Bombcast is automatic garbage with the inclusion of this asshat "analyst".  Pass.  Ill catch the next one.
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Wasn't expecting that.

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more stuff to listen to!!!!!! oh and Pach LITERALLY KNOWS 1000 PEOPLE WHO HAS AN iPHONE and a BLACKBERRY!