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Let's do this.

Posted by Humanity

Sneaky Podcast.

Posted by Mus

Awesome sauce a podcast. :)

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It's not playing!

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And this gentleman doesn't win the Golden Duder. jeez

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oh dear.

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Not working yet

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This was so sneaky it doesn't even work properly

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so fresh it don't even work yet...

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Ah shucks not work. I will have to wait.

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can´t download it, only getting an error message.

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This isnt downloading on itunes either. PANIC!

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So fresh, it has just finished recording. Still to hot to be uploaded. :)

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I love me some surprises!

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Yay more bombcast!

EDIT: Yo, Ryan, it's not exactly functioning for me properly. Translation: Shit is broken, yo.

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Working now!

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working for me :) awesome!

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This is going to be great.

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Release the hounds.

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Where is Paul Barnett from? his accent is all over the place. I'm getting northern English, Irish and American...

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Aw shit! Today continues to be awesome.

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Yay it's working! Thanks Giant Bomb for being great :D

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Does he address his unjust loss in the Golden Duder tournament???!!!

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It works. Ahh yer. Time for Giant Bomb podcast.

Posted by Undeadpool

Ah, the man behind the genius notion of "Wii=Breadmaker." Yes, I would LOVE to hear more from him. No, I'm NOT being sarcastic, but it's sadly difficult to show genuine enthusiasm through text.

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Paul deserves a duder award for persistently offering a truly unique take on gaming. Plus the dude's pretty funny.

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Oh, awesome. Thanks Giant Bomb! *thumbs up*

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Yes podcast!!! YEEEEEEEES! 
EDIT: it's only 45min long.... shit.

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What no Paul Barnett at E3 this year? Fuck it E3 is dead now...

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oh hey another podcast! woot.

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Surprise Bombcast are one of the best kind of surprises.

Posted by Alphazero

Pro-tip: Don't search for "Hardcore Germans in a browser."

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I just got done with the 8-4 podcast and saw this pop up on my RSS. Awesome!

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Paul's accent is just delightful.

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"Hardcore Germans in a Browser" sounds like a for-pay website on the deep web.

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I can't tell if Paul just forgot what the setting of Assassin's Creed III was, or if his British sensibilities have kept him from understanding the difference between the American Civil War and American Revolutionary War.

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oh man, the mouse driver story is CLASSIC! top shelf shenanigans there.

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The story in this podcast is worth it just by itself...hilarious.

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Get Shorty is a great movie. My favourite Travolta performance, even over his work in Pulp Fiction.

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Instant recognition of Paul purely from the shades pose combo, what a guy :D

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Paul Barnett is the hardest working man in video game show business. I could listen to him tell stories forever.

Posted by Rasgueado

Paul... is there *anything* people in the community can do to help you make more Ultima Underworld happen? I think you're right that the Grimrock guys would *nail* that simply because they want to aim as big as they can.

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The True Golden Duder.

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