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Posted by Puddlesworth

Haha Yes that picture!

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Patrick you are incredible to be working and posting this stuff so quickly! Also to have done this stuff at a convention no less.

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How does one man have so many teeth! Love you dude

Posted by widmer


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More like Rad Muir :D

Posted by dungbootle


Posted by TournamentOfHate

So I bought Monster Hunter online when that quick look came up, and I got it in the mail today so this is AWESOME TIMING!

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the dump truck is totally filling up

Posted by Joker369

Ska Muir!

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Always be :D

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ps. please make Brazen a real thing

Posted by fisk0

So I bought Monster Hunter online when that quick look came up, and I got it in the mail today so this is AWESOME TIMING!

I bought both Monster Hunter Freedom United and Ragnarok Odyssey (which is pretty much a Monster Hunter clone, as far as I can tell) for my Vita after seeing that quick look. Still haven't had the time to dig into them yet, though.

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Patrick RULES!!

Posted by FLStyle

This is becoming one of my favourite features of the site. It fills the void left by the Whiskey Media in-office videos (Kesser Kam, Lemon's Lens etc.).

Posted by antivanti


Posted by metalliccookies

Not going to lie... I came here because of the thumb nail :)

Posted by ripelivejam

the dump truck is totally filling up

takin' another dump in the truck ;)


Posted by Morbid_Coffee

Brad Muir's set up for chatting with his friends is exactly what me and my friends did for Smash Bros Brawl when that came out. Except party chat didn't exist yet so we had to use Halo 3 lobbies.

Needless to say I cracked up at that part because I was like "OH MAN I TOTALLY DID THAT TOO!"

Posted by Spitznock

That hair. It tickles me.

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would like all of these on iTunes, at some point... i'm sure you are aware that people are wanting that thought!


Thanks so much for posting this Patrick, I wasn't able to come to PAX and have been finding the site to be pretty dry this week.

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Oh my god, that thumbnail..... Im checking this out now! Thanks scoops!

Posted by RetroVirus

I love these interviews almost as much as I love Brad Muir! :D

Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

All right! More Muir.

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Fuck YESSSSSS! Monster Hunter. Patrick is KILLING it with these interviews. I am also so happy that someone on the GB crew finally understands the Monster Hunter/Dark Souls style games. Vinny always dabbled in that arena, but I'm pretty happy that someone is all the way deep in it. Maybe he can finally convert Brad.

Posted by PurplePartyRobot

I hope the culmination of all of this is a live stream of Patrick, Vinny, Drew & Brad Muir tackling a Ceadeus or a Jhen Mohran.

Posted by Bistromath

Glad Muir.

Posted by SnakeLinkSonic

'Mingleplayer'---that's certainly a less intimidating term to use.

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YEA- 13 minutes? Oh man... guess i've been spoilt by the bombcast

Posted by Fungiefips

Patrick single-handedly saving this PAX trip content-wise.

Posted by clumsyninja1

Ska interview...

Posted by jonnyboy

When my friends and I played Mario Kart wii, we were all chatting on the 360 party chat.

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Anything that involves Mr. Muir immediately grabs my attention.

Posted by TehJedicake

So let me get this straight... Brad Muir... and Monster Hunter. Am I in heaven?

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Totally bought a Wii U and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate last night after the Quick Look.

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The thing about most Mmmmmmmmmmmmobas, Fighters, Souls, Monhun, most MMOs, etc is...well, they are actually SOCIAL. You must talk with other players. Listen to other players. Ask questions of other players. Learn as a student. "A friend in need is a friend indeed" and all that. You go nowhere if you stay on your little island in those games, and most importantly, not have fun.

It's not that voyeurist/exhibitionist mess that is "social" games prattle on about, no. Actual interaction.

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Would've been awesome as a video,but thanks!

Posted by Darkelement17

Scoop's willingness to get passed the beginner wall is indeed commendable. I have been playing MH for a couple years now and his description of trying to understand this game on your own is right on the money!

Posted by Driadon

@jonnyboy said:

When my friends and I played Mario Kart wii, we were all chatting on the 360 party chat.

My buddies and I do that whenever we play anything on PS3. We've also done the same with Skype and PS3 games too.

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Brad Muir has one of those amazing voices where you can tell when he's smiling.

Posted by Trilogy

Ska Muir is the best Muir

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Everything that Brad Muir is in will have this as a headlining picture.

Posted by courage_wolf

I think Brad Muir is a pretty cool guy.

Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition


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Nice, gonna enjoy this one.

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I just recently got into Monster Hunter (Freedom Unite). I bought it a while ago and decided to finally pop it into my system this weekend. Jesus, that game is addictive. Thirty hours later and I'm well on my way to killing my first Tigrex. :D

Posted by Ravelle

Patrick and Muir talking about Monster Hunter is the best, I could listen hours of this.

Posted by MachoFantastico

This is a great idea for the site.

Posted by NowSayPillow

Hot damned, this makes me wish there was a version of MoHun that my friends and I actually had access to. Come on Capcom!

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