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Posted by alevan

awww yeah

Posted by MrCHUP0N

It works!

Posted by patrickklepek

Next time, we're going to record our audio separate from the Google Hangout for better quality in the MP3 version.

Posted by StoneGut

This is awesome - great segment guys. Can't wait for more!

Posted by Vetterli

Do you guys need intro music? If yes, then let us know what kind of music you want :)

Posted by Mezmero

Dumpin' interviews, dumpin' news. Straight up dumpin' podcasts.

Posted by Liminality

Patrick and Alex in the moooooorning!

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This is a nice addition to the site you guys. YOU GUUUUYYYYS. Big P and Navarro's morning bananza.

I originally wrote 'edition to the site' because I am an ignoramus.

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Posted by wchue

i will subscribe to this as soon as you put it on itunes and rate 5 stars all day long

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Posted by ThePickle

Great stuff.

Posted by GunsAreDrawn

I always got the impression that they hated eachother and now they're doing a thing together. Weird.

Posted by Scotty66

Sweet more podcasts for the work commute

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I always got the impression that they hated eachother and now they're doing a thing together. Weird.

Maybe they don't hate eachother? Just a thought.

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I say call it "Giant Bomb Morning Deuce"

really liked the show! Looking forward to more.

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Awesome screengrab.

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@wchue: Carry on and rate it when it's up but you can subscribe before it's on iTunes with RSS.

Posted by JJWeatherman

This was really interesting. I look forward to more!

Posted by sanzee

Sweetness. More podcasts to listen to at work.

Posted by metalliccookies

Love the photo :) they both look radiant ;) looking forward to listening to more of these in the future :D Thanks guys :D

Posted by MrAngryEyes

This was great, thanks guys! I look forward to more Eastern Time Zone Podcastin'!!!

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You guys, this is a great idea! Got this downloaded for the bus journey to work tomorrow. Keep 'em coming.

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Can never have too many podcasts.

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Patrick, Alex and Rorie audio content is starting to become my favorite thing on this site. This and the filmcast really are great additions to the bombcast.

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Awesome, downloading!!!

Posted by Lenny

Nice one. I'll listen to this tomorrow morning on the train.

Posted by sethshandor

I'd watch for the Patrick, but not watch for the Alex.


Posted by PliggeTheFallen

Definitely enjoyed this new video/podcast. Thanks a ton fellas!

Posted by Malarkain

giant bAMbcast?

Posted by SarcasticMudcrab


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@patrickklepek: I think this segment should be called "Scoops and the Nav-man's AM Mornin' ZOO! with call-in cash prizes!"


"Wakin' Up With Scoops and the Nav-man! Traffic and wather on the half!"

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Posted by GalacticPunt

Aw yeah, the Morning Zoo Crew podcast begins!

Put it in the air.

Posted by Hunter5024

I am pleased to see this isn't premium content.

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This is the best thing to come out of this site in a while. I am very excited about this and I will tune in everytime you guys put something out for sure, being on the east coast as well!

Posted by csl316

Sweet. I'll watch the video this week, but if it's just yapping an audio version will be good commute listening.

Posted by KatyGaGa

The Giant Bomb Science Minute with Brad

Posted by selfconfessedcynic


Posted by Simplexity

The meeting of the shitty beards.

Posted by MightyDuck

I haven't had a chance to watch this yet, but any chance it ends up on iTunes as a podcast? I'm always up for listening to more GiantBomb content when working out.

Posted by csl316

Guys, this was really awesome.

Kind of takes the news blog format, but instead of shotgunning stories the second they happen there was enough time to form an observation. Looking forward to more, definitely.

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This was great def do more of this ASAP plz! It's def got a real nice PTI vibe going on. Glad you guys didn't take the first take route lol.

Posted by ch3burashka

@vetterli said:

Do you guys need intro music? If yes, then let us know what kind of music you want :)

I think we can get someone to crawl underneath a dumptruck and record some engine noises while it's reversing...

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Paaatriiick aaand Aaaleeex in the MOOOORNING!

Posted by Brackynews

Patrice and Alexis!

Posted by Dynamitekyle

This was great.

Posted by DoakSim

Absolutely loving the Alex podcasts recently! Between this, the "Screened" show and the future wrestling-cast, it's great to hear more of you!

Posted by RedFive

Thanks for this, duders. Looking forward to the wrestling podcast, too!

Posted by steelerzfan101

Is there any chance that the audio version of this show will be coming to iTunes anytime soon? Or will I have to manually add it through RSS?

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