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Posted by Mijati

RIP Jules.

Posted by Mister_V

Was not prepared for that image on GB today.

RIP Jules.

Posted by fetterdave

Rest in peace, Jules.

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The death of Bianchi is sad but I can't help but be amazed and thankful for how safe F1 has become.

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RIP Jules Bianchi, sad to hear about his passing, small consolation would be that his accident brought about the introduction of the virtual safety car, which makes it at least a little safer for drivers and marshals, when dealing with stricken cars and heavy equiptment next to or on the track.

Posted by Crashews

Felt weird listening to the discussion about deaths in motorsport and then moving into the Racing Around the World segment mentioning MotoAmerica @ Laguna Seca where two riders died this past Sunday.

Also, I remember in October 2011 watching Dan Wheldon die and then two weeks later Marco Simoncelli - that was a rough time for motorsport.

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On the F1 2015 radio issues: Hold the button down, use up/down to select whatever and then hit right to get the information

It's annoying as hell that it closes so fast, but if you hold the button down, the menu stays open.

Posted by wrburb

aw, that photo alone breaks my heart

Posted by adamantypants

Forza Jules

Posted by ShadowSwordmaster

This is a sad day indeed.

Posted by Dezinus

Holy crap, I forgot there was a race this week. I guess I had already steeled myself for a crazy gap courtesy of the Nurgburgring owners.

Posted by FlipperDesert

Just did a half-length race at Monaco as Jules on the new game and got third. :)

Between recent events and how the championship's been shaping up so far though with all the bickering and overtaking problems, still not really feeling F1 right now. I'm hoping the next race changes that.

Posted by Gatehouse

Forza Jules, I still can't stop thinking what could have been for him.

Posted by aurahack

Oof. Blow to the heart to see it on the front page. RIP Jules.

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I'll be in Hungari for the race, hope it will be as good as last year. or as good as this old classic: Hungarian GP 2006 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2f2z9f

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Forza Jules :(

Posted by grayfox1210

Box box box. Tous avec Jules.

Posted by LoktarOgar

Tragic, too soon, gallows humor, etc.

Posted by heatDrive88

@loktarogar: I like dark humour as much as the next person, but this joke just sort of sucks.

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RIP Jules. Heartwrenching. Maybe this podcast can bring me some closure.

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RIP Jules.

I'm encouraged that they've learnt some lessons from the past and that his death will lead to some change. F1 needs a certain amount of risk otherwise there would be no spectacle, but loss of his life to make it happen is a great shame.

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Forza Jules

Posted by wild_ronin

RIP Jules. Heart goes out to his family.

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Forza Jules

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Forza Jules. RIP

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Forza Jules

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Forza Jules. Forever.

Posted by Trace17

Forza Jules.

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Good bye Jules, you'll always be remembered.

Posted by dr_mantas

Fucking sad. Respect and good bye.

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Forza Jules.

Posted by Hurvilo

@dannyodwyer I don't know about F1 2015 on PC, but on PS4 you can use voice commands to communicate with the pits, and it works rather well even with my stupid accent. Its so much easier than flipping through the commands on the go.

Posted by JAVK

RIP Jules.

Great episode guys.

I always think describing the track on a podcast is pretty pointless. It just sounds like background noise. I need to be staring at the map of the track for it to make sense. The track walks are much better.