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Video links? Don't mind if I do.

The Amiga had some pretty rad music:

A great interview with Derek Warwick, who has a unique perspective on being an F1 driver in the 80s and 90s:

The interviewer has also apparently talked to a few more F1 peeps.

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Thanks guys! Keep up the great work!

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Hurray for Massa, finally get to see him on the podium.

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My Tuesday is complete.

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This was a pretty good race.

Tiff Needell giving an honest opinion on driving a Formula E car:

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All right! RACING!

Edit: I watched A LOT of Junkyard Wars when I was in middle school.

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Gurdurr is a gray bipedal Pokémon with a large, round dark-violet nose. It has bulbous features, resembling curls of "hair", on its head. Violet bulges resembling swelling veins pattern its muscular, large arms, thighs, and chest, and similar thick violet bands adorn its shoulders. It possesses an hourglass shape.

It is known to usually carry an I-beam girder in its arms. The steel frame is used to train its muscles, and Gurdurr boasts about its muscles with its comrades.

It is so strong that it won't even be moved if it is attacked by a group of professional wrestlers. It is usually found near construction sites.

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Aww yeah!

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Given my authority as one who has watched Drew's embed of the relevant video, I can confirm that Lotus Espirit Turbo Challenge's menu music is pretty damn fine.

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Man, what is that opening tune that plays, there's something about it I love so much. It's probably the horns, and the strings, whatever, I want it, I want a longer version. Help!

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I... I must cover this song.

@drewbert said:

Video links? Don't mind if I do.

The Amiga had some pretty rad music:

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Today I learned Top Gear for the SNES and Lotus Esprit for Amiga were basically the same game with the same music. Got super confused when I heard the race music for Top Gear coming from an Amiga game.

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Hurray! There was a lot of good racing this weekend.

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I love Kevin Magnussen. The kid gives no fucks. You either get out of his way, or get your old ass run off the road.

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Is that picture Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man?

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Oh god, there's so much racing coming up soon, you guys.

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3DS version of Ocarina holds up far better than the N64 version does.

I dug through a pile of bulk (likely bootleg) PS2 games I bought in a yard sale and found F1 2004. It seems pretty decent for the time, I didn't play a tonne of racing games back then but the acceleration/braking is controlled by the right analogue stick and that feels really weird.
How am I supposed to do burnouts??

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Lotus 1 was okay, but I still reckon Lotus 2 has the best intro music ever.

Edit: OK, now I've heard the reference to this in the podcast. The video I linked (Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 2) is the tune that Danny hums. All of the Lotus games had great music, the intro to Lotus 3 is also great. 2 is the best, though.

@drewbert said:

Video links? Don't mind if I do.

The Amiga had some pretty rad music:

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@drewbert @dannyodwyer

Hey, racemen, I recorded some Lotus music for you guys. I just heard it today for the first time and it's SO GOOD! So thanks for giving me something to do on a stormy night.

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Listen to the podcast and then everybody go watch Marathon Man (the movie from which the photo appears). It has nothing to do with race cars, but it is awesome!

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My Honda has a anti-stalling system that sounds similar to what is described in this episode. It's not excatly automatic, but if I notice that I'm under-revving in time and press the clutch, the electric motor will kick in with some extra power to prevent a stall. It's was especially handy early on because I learned to drive a manual with this car.

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@heavyplay: Yes sorry I meant the music from Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 - so good.


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Hey guys, thanks for another great podcast.

When danny mentioned bollards and bollocks I couldn't help thinking about this:

Really enjoying these post race podcast wrap-up's so I hope you guys keep this podcast going


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@dannyodwyer: Soooo good. I'll counter with the First Samurai intro music:

Sorry to hijack the thread with non race car stuff, but I loved my Amiga 500.

If anyone else has something good, please post it. Amiga music was the best

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I went back and watched Bahrain and Canada grand prix. They were really good! Oh and this:

They were such good friends back then. Also here are some more stuff:

Cool shot of Bottas pitting in Bahrain


Rosberg vs leaf blower man in Canada


And Monza was fantastic. Bottas just copy pasted his overtake maneuver down the main straight over and over again. Bullshit penalty for Magnussen. Button and Perez fighting through Variante up through Lesmos was INTENSE. Here's a GIF of it:


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Kevin "Special K" Magnussen has some lineage with F1 - his dad Jan was a talented young driver who debuted with Stewart GP in 1997 (the team then run by former champion Sir Jackie Stewart and his son, which was a semi-factory Ford team and then was bought by Ford and became Jaguar, which was then bought by Red Bull to become Red Bull Racing) but suffered the "too much, too soon" disease and dropped back into the sports car ranks. Jan Magnussen has been racing with Corvette Racing for a number of years in the top Le Mans/American Le Mans GT class (right now called GT-E) in a Chevrolet factory team, and suffered a nasty accident last month in practice:

Pardon the French commentary, but both him and the Porsche 911 hit fluid left by another car and the Corvette collided into the 911 off the track, and both drivers suffered minor injuries.

Consider it a nice nudge to keep going down the rabbit hole of racing. Formula E is fun, but branch out -- IndyCar just finished if you want to track down highlights of their final two races at Sears Point in Sonoma and Fontana. Sports cars are still going too -- there's going to be a double-header weekend with the American Tudor United Sports Car Championship and the FIA World Endurance Championship (re: the prototypes and GT cars at the 24 Hours of Le Mans) this fall at the Circuit of the Americas, where the United States F1 GP is also held. Both the TUSC and WEC races should be shown live, but at least for WEC you can also catch coverage on Radio Le Mans. There's also rumors that WEC could potentially move to a winter series format (so that the final race of the season can be the early-June 24 Hours of Le Mans) and that would be AWESOME.

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I once sold Eddie Irvine a car when he was at Ferrari. Most of the leg work was done by his dad but Ed was cool.

When you consider that this was at the peak of his fame, the car was nowhere near as flash as you'd think...

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I'm from Singapore and I'd like to share something about the Singapore GP.


Thanks @drewbert for hosting the show, and hit me up if you'd like more fun facts about Singapore or the Singapore GP. Keep up the good work!

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@drewbert: @dannyodwyer:

Robert Llyellyn has a history with electric motoring, I think he's a good choice.

He has done a web series called Carpool since 2009, where he drives celebrities to a destination of their choosing in an electric/eco friendly car (normally a hybrid, but I think some were in a Tesla).

It's basically a chat show in a car, and worth checking out.

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That picture reminds me of jackie chan from the movie Police Story.

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A few days late on my part, but I have to say that Danny's New York accent on the preview podcast was amazing and should be required in all future podcasts.

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@hassun: Good share, thanks for posting! Stoked for some Formula-E this weekend!

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Bottas showing off

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@droop: Thanks for posting this. I remember seeing this gif a long time ago, way before I got into F1 thanks to this silly podcast, and always wanted to know who was driving.

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@ep_driver: I hope they can find a way to increase the speed but I'm definitely very interested in Formula E. Especially if it can help find new ways for electric cars to work for the average consumer.

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The word "tifoso" just means that you're a fan of someone or something inside a competition. That's why it is most commonly used referring to sports. You can "tifare" (the verb form) that someone win or does well against his opponents, but you can't be a "tifoso" of like someone's work. For that we use the english word "fan" even in Italy

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Lotus 2 may have some of the best music on the amiga and it certainly has a place in my heart, but this is the F1 podcast.

Also when are we going to see Danny and Drew go head to head or working as a team in a series of races?

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I haven't seen a Formula 1 race yet, but these podcasts are really great to learn from. Thanks!

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Lotus 1 was okay, but I still reckon Lotus 2 has the best intro music ever.

Hell yeah it does! This remix version is even better :D

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I agree that Red Dwarf is the best!