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Posted by Zabant

Screw Ferrari.

Posted by T_wester

Yes can't wait to hear your thoughts on the best race of the season yet.

Posted by SomeGuy890

Best podcast about SPEEDY RACECARS! Hope this race sets the standard for the rest of the season.

Posted by daviator

Forza and stuff! Hot shots?

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Caught this one on the BBC. This was quite the race.

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I watched MotoGP after and it made F1 look so bad, that MotoGP was one of the best I've seen in years though. Omg Danny/Drew, if there was ever a race to watch... watch that! Just constant overtaking of 4 bikes fighting for 1st.

Meanwhile F1 had no overtaking and for some reason there was this massive buzz just because someone different won. F1 is so boring now, these new engines suck and it is sad when the biggest excitement is caused by the surprise that one team might not win every race.

Meanwhile Renault and Redbull are threatening to leave which would basically make F1 all about Merc engines and Red Bull would take two teams with them, though they're signed up till 2020, but paying that fine is probably less than what F1 costs to try and run two teams.

Give me F1 2007 back, now there is a classic season, 2010 and 2012 were also pretty great.

Posted by xedrox

Such a great race!

Posted by billmcneal


Posted by AtomicEdge
Posted by FLStyle

I can't wait to listen to this, it was an awesome race!

Posted by Devon_OO7

Yay Vettel!

Posted by frytup

@zabant said:

Screw Ferrari.

I'm no Ferrari fan, but actual competition is good. Plus I like the dorky engineer German better than the Monaco pretty boy German.

Posted by asantosbr

F1 was a good race.

MotoGP race was EPIC!!!!

If you missed you should watch it.

Posted by HammondofTexas

Second race I've ever watched!

Posted by BF210

Really enjoyed this airplane podcast :P

Posted by Supa_Kappa

If the Scuderia keep this up this season could be amazing.

Posted by Dezinus

Glad to see you guys got special guest Dave Lang on for this one!

I wish. :( Well, maybe he'll talk about his conflicting feelings about Vettel on GFB Radio.

Posted by SkippySigmatic

@venekor: "I know you guys are really excited and had fun watching that race but let me tell you why you're wrong"

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I really wonder what is preventing the F1 people from making something like the MotoGP Video Pass. You can just pay 100 Euros and get the entire MotoGP season for all 3 classes with all Practises, Qualifyings and Races plus an archive of all races since 1992. I guess it has something to do with the broadcasters maybe?

Posted by tonka_92

@LunarJetman: it's because Bernie just doesn't "get it"
he thinks it's a waste of time to attract young fans because they don't have money

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The motorsport Danny mention at the start is Speedway. It is very big in Poland and here in Scandinavia:


It is a constant drift around a dirt track.

Posted by forkboy

@LunarJetman: Primarily conflicts with pre-existing television rights contracts.

But yes, also because Bernie is an old stuck in the mud fart.

Posted by kalnet101

Drew's malay is great! =D

Posted by Chuck_

the tuesday podcast that matters!

Posted by Frenden

Yes! Forza Ferrari!

Posted by IBeatTheStig
Posted by IBeatTheStig

@venekor: What a fantastic race in Qatar. It was great seeing Ducati competitive again too.

Posted by willfade

Robert Kubica would be that Polish rally driver.

Posted by Captain_Felafel

Forza Ferr-any team other than Mercedes!

Posted by gunslingerNZ

So exciting that someone else might be winning this year! Testing and Australia made things look very, very bleak.

Also I just wanted to say the podcast music selection has been excellent, keep up the good work Drew!

Posted by theeasternbloc

Assisted Harrier landing described by Drew and Danny. Amazing stuff for sure.

Posted by metalliccookies

Posted by Venekor

@ibeatthestig: Yeah, I turned F1 on and walk out of the room for 20 mins, came back and nothing happened. Meanwhile with MotoGP I was glued to my seat the whole race, my heart was pumping and I was shouting for Rossi.

Bernie needs to go, he is ruining F1 and we have two real boring tracks which are the exact same layout in China and Malaysia. Go and race them in the game and compare them, they're twins.

Posted by rethla

@venekor: The buss in motoGP was totally not becouse someone else won and becouse Ducati finally is up there and can challange...

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lets hope ferrari can keep up.

Posted by climax

After watching this race, I'm hooked. Got F1 2014 on PC and now loosely following the scene. Am I on a slippery slope?!

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I just re-watched the F1 and MotoGP races today.

Good to see Ferrari, Rossi and the Ducatis up there again!!

Posted by DustoMan

Steve Machett noticed that Massa shook is head a little bit frustrated after his team took so long getting the car out of the pits. I had a rewind it a couple times to see it but it does kind of look like he's shaking his head lol.

When your tire is punctured, and you get knocked down to 18th only to drive your way back up to 4th place.... IT'S KIMI TIME!!!

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Fun fact: Wing mounted ordinance would break loose all the time during carrier operations. You can find footage of deck crews rushing to push runaway bombs off the sides with their bare hands.

The camera operator doesn't make it.

On top of terrible visibility due to cockpit location, Corsairs had a tendency to bounce on landing.

Luckily cold cats aren't a common occurrence.

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Here on mobile. Why does it only surface the newest premium podcast? How does one find a list? How does one find Danswers?!

Posted by Johntub
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I'm not sure if we truly have a multi team battle on our hands. Not yet. Malaysia is obviously a super hot place, and the fact that the new Ferrari is designed by James Allison (he also designed Kimi's Lotus cars) makes me believe that Vettel's victory was mostly down to tyre managment, and the Ferrari's appearant ease on the tires. Malaysia is one of the tracks where tyre managment is the most important (its easy to overheat them) so Ferrari might very well fall back a little at other tracks.

Posted by Y2Ken

Here on mobile. Why does it only surface the newest premium podcast? How does one find a list? How does one find Danswers?!

Scroll down below the comments and you can see the previous podcasts.

Posted by AMyggen

Great episode, guys!

Posted by Rumils

@zburmeister: You can search the podcast name in the search bar ;)

Posted by tissot

To find one of my favorite F1 podcast from Giantbomb of all places.