Battery issues?

#1 Posted by nintendonick (25 posts) -

This game kills my battery. Even with the C-gear stuff turned off my Dsi is dead after like, 2 and a half hours of play. Has anyone else had this problem?

#2 Posted by JJOR64 (19611 posts) -

I've had no problem with it.  Try turning down your DSi's brightness.  If it's at the lowest setting, then your battery must be dieing.

#3 Posted by RobotHamster (4238 posts) -

No problems for me.

#4 Posted by BraveToaster (12636 posts) -
@RobotHamster said:
" No problems for me. "
Same here.
#5 Posted by Afroman269 (7440 posts) -

Only time it went down faster was when the C-Gear was enabled. 

#6 Posted by Th3_James (2595 posts) -

I keep my brightness maxed and am amazed with the long battery life. Than again, I've played so little of my ds in the past 3.5 years that I forgot how awesome the battery life is. I stayed up till 5 last night playing pokemon because I couldn't sleep. 

#7 Posted by BrandNameCommercial (65 posts) -

Yeah, I haven't noticed that problem myself, but I can understand the constant wifi being an increased strain on the battery. I would try playing a different game for an extended period of time and seeing if you get the same results, to see if maybe your battery has started wimping out.

#8 Edited by DrPockets000 (2876 posts) -

Once I turn off C-Gear it's fine. 
Look on the bright side, this is preparing you for the 3DS's battery life! :D

#9 Posted by rentfn (1383 posts) -

I've noticed it's been going down faster then normal but I'm getting five or six hours out of it.

#10 Posted by bobafettjm (1840 posts) -

I kept thinking mine was dying extra fast, then I just realized how long I was playing the game for.

#11 Posted by Moridin (730 posts) -

I run my DSi with the brightness on 2 and C-Gear turned off unless I need to use it for something. Never had an issue with battery life. I've had some pretty long stretches of play, too.  
I'd check what your brightness is set to. You could also turn wireless communications off at the system level as well (meaning the yellow light on the system is off), that might help a bit more. Not sure if that'll actually increase battery life, though, so don't bite me if I'm wrong. Haha.

If you do all of that and still only get 2 to 2.5 hours of life out of a full charge then there's something definitely wrong, sadly.

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