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Feudal Pokemans works suprisingly well

When this game was announced, I like most people was deeply confused. Why would anyone make this game? What kind of person would be excited about it? So I instantly had to buy it. It turns out that somehow this is actually a fun and interesting game. The campaign is fairly long and there are like thirty something missions to complete after that. The warriors and warlords are cool looking for the most part and the music ranges from slightly grating elevator style music to kickass battle music. The battle system is deceptively simple each pokeman has one move it can do but you layer the 17 pokeman types with the move range and choosing which pokemon to go to war with is good fun. The campaign unfortuanately makes you bring your warlord and his/her friend the Jigglypuff girl whose main pokemans become a load during certain battles. You can link with wild pokemans but they are generally way weaker than whatever your warrior already has becuase the main battles level you way more than training in the wilds. However, this game is suprisingly obtuse at times. For example, the games instuctions on how to catch warlords is that you have to do something special. I assumed they meant it was unique for each guy/gal because thats how words work. Not in Ransei, apparently from that you were supposed to figure out that it meant defeat it with another warlord. I still have no idea how to evolve my warlords. All in all if you have a 3DS and you want something to play on it you should play this DS game.

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