Language Select Question (to those who own both versions)

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Hey folks. Quick, only slightly complex question:

I own Pkmn Y and have been enjoying it in English, but I also study Japanese and would love to pick up a copy of X and use it as a vocabulary study tool, since once you pick a language setting, you're locked to it unless (I'm guessing) you wipe your save.

My question: Does the language selection prompt at the front-end carry between versions? I recall reading somewhere in the manual that some settings carry over, but I've yet to find of if that applies to the language setting.

If you own both versions, did the game prompt you to select a language upon the initial boot of both?


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And also anyone knows if u can change the language on the fly?

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@britxmenyuan: You cannot change the language on the fly, nor can you change it between play sessions on the front-end menu.

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