NA and EU Bank Delayed

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What? No! I just came back from my mom's and was all ready to spend the rest of my day transferring Pokémon.

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Is this the app that gives you a Celebi within a period of time after launch? I remember there were two coming out, and don't quite remember what the other one did.

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@snail said:

Is this the app that given you a Celebi within a period of time after launch? I remember there were two coming out, and don't quite remember what the other one did.

Yes, offer last until Sep. 2014 and they'll still give you Celebi even if you only try their 30 day trial.

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For those interested however, the bank was up in Japan for a short while, and people managed to transfer quite a few pokemon in that time, so there's some inaccessbile pokemon available on the GTS. Be wary though, some of them are hacked.

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Sounds like Nintendo Network wont be stable anytime soon. Thank god my games I got for Christmas are mainly Single Player focused games.

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I was wondering my nintendo ID would not sign in appropriately. It was really annoying when I was transferring SD cards to my new 3DS XL

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I'm happy a few koffings out there have made it on the gts and I was able to snag one. I'm currently in the process of mass breeding them so if anybody is interested in one and has me on their friend's list hit me up, Hideo_Kojima.

Edit - depending on how long the bank is closed, this has literally driven up demand for the pokemon in the other games but they're out there.

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It's up! I'm gonna Pokétransport so many Pokémon.

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They rolled it out for Europe and Australia. North America is next I assume, though it could be as long as the wait between Japan and Europe.

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Well, I used it. It worked. Transferred all my Pokémon from Black 2 to X. No items are transferred. You can only transfer from box 1 (Black 2) and you can't launch the bank without the X cartridge in, so it took a good long while to transfer everything. At least I got a Celebi!

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It's out in America now.

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@turtlebird95: I have heard the same. Congratulations everyone! Movin' on up!

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