Need help to evolve my scyther

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I am looking for someone to trade my scyther to evolve to scizor and trade it back.

Thank you!

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added. Name: Dangg


Can you help with my Gangar as well?

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@harry_tran123: absolutely! should i stop the evolution and let you evolve it? if i evolve it, which attacks should i swap

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i does not matter. you can just evolve it


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all done. Thanks for your help =). Can i keep you as friend so i can check out your friend safari?

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only if you tell me which type and pokemon i have :D

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Poison type

Cascoon, Swalot, Muk =)

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thanks. none of those are any good, though :\

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I need some to evolve my scyther too, can anyone help? FC - 2664-2289-7260

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@changeling_: I need to trade to evolve my Rhydon so I can help! FC 2492-4313-5245

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@theblue: cool, wanna do it now? I've added you

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@changeling_: Yep I'm online and ready to go whenever you are, in game name is Alex

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@theblue: Awesome, do you want me to press b to cancel it so you get the evolution when I send it back?

#15 Posted by TheBlue (509 posts) -

@changeling_: Nah, you don't have to. I just need it for the pokedex. What about your scyther? Evolve or no?

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@theblue: not evolving it would be cool, if that's okay with you

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@changeling_: Sure no problem, are you William? I wasn't sure to expect you under friends or passerbys

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@theblue: yep, that's me - I think I'll be under friends

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@changeling_: Oh sorry dude I forgot you can't cancel trade evolutions

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@theblue: that's fine, I didn't know :) thanks for helping I've been trying to evolve for days

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@changeling_: No problem, that Rhyperior is one of like 4 I needed to finish the regional dex so I appreciate it :)

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Hey could someone help me evolve my poliwhirl into a politoed? Would appreciate it and also my safari is dragon type with gabite shellgon druddigon, so add me plz thx!

My fc: 5300-9243-6462

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Hey matze its ok now, i got it solved. Thanks so much though!

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I need somebody to evolve my sycther too :D my fc is 5429 8177 2991

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Who wants to help me trade a few back and forth? Got a scyther and machoke, also lookin for friends 1006 - 0063 - 1007

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This thread is so full of nice people and made me happy to see.

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i have a legendary sphincter

can someone help me evolve it

#30 Posted by darcdevious1 (5 posts) -

And now It's ruined

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can anyone help me evolve my scyther please my fc is: 0404-5725-8241 please help

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