(No Longer In Effect) FC Sharing & Trading Thread

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DS Name: Mike

Trainer Name: Michael

Version: Y

Code: 2981-6610-9645

PM and everything.

#152 Posted by Encephalon (1404 posts) -

Just picked up Pokemon Y.

Friend Code: 0146-9595-1482

Name: Jonathan

OK with both PM and table.

#153 Posted by Brent (33 posts) -

Pokemon X

FC: 5370 - 0568 - 9049

name: Brent (both in Pokemon and in the system Friends list)

I'm totally fine with both the PM and the table, I'll probably go through the table once my name is on it and add all the people. I'm focusing on the story right now, but once I get into the postgame I'll probably start a pretty crazy breeding operation, though that may have to wait until deep into December so I can transfer up my 400 Black/White pokemon.

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Well it's the 17th so guess I can add myself now.

0387-8790-3496 on Y

PM+Table is fine.

#155 Posted by Gooba (24 posts) -


Name: Gooba

Version: X

Fine with PM and table

#156 Posted by Bombermckee (9 posts) -


Name: Bomber

Version: X

Pm and table fine

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2922-0423-8185 add me!

#158 Posted by J_Meister92 (2 posts) -


NickName: JMeister

fine with the pm

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How's it going guys

I got pokemon X and my code is 4699-6487-6915

feel free to add or PM me

Ken, from japan

#160 Posted by Canteu (2866 posts) -

I just got my 3DS yesterday. Where the hell is my friend code located?

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@canteu: From the home screen, if you click the orange smiling face in the top row of icons where brightness, notifications, etc. are, it should show your Mii. On the top screen, it'll show its name and your FC underneath that.

#162 Posted by StealthRaptor (550 posts) -

Wow, this is crazy how many new signups there are.

I snagged Pokemon Y a couple days ago. My code is 5112 - 3530 - 5639.

#163 Posted by Spursfan20 (42 posts) -

FC: 2595-0030-8749

Version: Y

Name: Dani

ok with PM and table. thanks

#164 Posted by MideonNViscera (2269 posts) -

Not sure what exactly is stopping me from adding my friend code here, despite the thread being "over".

Mideon - 4768-7535-1219

Let me know if you add me.

#165 Posted by MarvinCidamon (11 posts) -

Here's my info, add me when you can.

Trainer Name: Marvin

Friend Code: 2105-8680-4093

Pokemon X

I don't mind being on the table and the PM.

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friend code 1375-8481-7390

nickname kevin

pokemon x

finished the game already what to do now

looking for a bunch of pokemon : larvitar mareep squirtle bulbasaur 2 gen starters

can somebody help me with that

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Anyone is free to add me. Just PM me so I can add you back. Dylan :1118-0955-2182

I also got Pokemon X and Trainer name is Dylan

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Pokemon X

add me!

Nickname: Henry

Friend Code: 3754-7556-4268

#170 Posted by henrysaywhaa (3 posts) -

Henry, Friend Code: 3754-7556-4268

Add/PM me thank you

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I can only recognize about half of you in game. Can we add trainer names to the table please? I'm Valerie. Don't judge me.

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Locking at request of OP.

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