Pokedex book?

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One thing i remember enjoying when i played the GB/C games was the strat guides came with a full pokedex. Listing all the powers they gain and where to find them or if they are in a other game. Was going to get a the strat guide but it seems they wont have a pokedex in it. I understand that much...there are a lot of pokemon now lol. But will there be a book at all?

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So there's a few strategy guide books and I heard the "Official Guide" from the Pokemon Company is probably the best one out there, but in all honest stay away from them cause they're usually a waste of money. The reason why I say that is most of that information can eventually be found by the Serebii and Bulbapedia community. While at the moment alot of that information is fresh so X and Y stuff isn't up to date, those two communites are usually great at getting it up there as soon as its discovered. Just wait patiently and I'm sure they'll have some pokedex information up as soon as they find it.

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Check Bulbapedia or Serebii. X and Y are new right now so a lot of that info is currently being documented, but I'd guess that about a month from now it'll be mostly filled out.

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Thanks for both of your posts. i know of the websites. But i tend to like books more. Easier to read over all. And far better to read a book at night then a screen that emits a bright blue light...the same light that forces your brain to stay awake.

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@gonmog: The 3DS has a web browser built in, so I guess you could at least look up the information there instead of a PC.

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@canteu: ....that is not dif from using a pc or a phone. Look, stop pointing out that there is a internet. I did not ask for a site or anything of that sort. Im going to take it that no one knows, or there will not be one.

On a other note. I wonder where all the online guides get there info? Could never be from the book that someone else wrote working with the makers of the game could it? Most online guides are wrote like crap. And look like a copy paste of the numbers from a other source.

(Oh and there has been a strat guide for each game, they split the full pokedex to its own guide for black i think. so if there is not a full pokedex book for this game it would be a first.)

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@gonmog: Just trying to help buddy. I assumed you wanted an information resource on the go as you play, not something to read while you poop.

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@gonmog: They usually come out with two books for each generation. A strategy guide and a big pokedex book. The strategy guide just came out and traditionally the pokedex usually comes out a month later or so. I usually buy the pokedex because it is presented in a really nice format and I like having them on my shelf.

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Yeah probably. Like Chemystery said nowadays they usually release a strategy guide first and a complete Pokedex guide a few weeks later. This one might take a bit longer though, as I haven't seen any info of it even being announced. Fairly sure it will happen though.

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Anybody know if the Pokedex 3D Pro is up to date for X/Y? That's a pretty sweet Pokedex.

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The one problem with strategy guides for any big game is that they are often full of errors, and in Pokemon's case, don't contain all of the useful information, like Base stats, EV gains, Egg Moves, and such. When a community takes care of a web based wiki style pokedex, those errors get edited out. a Physical book is unchanging by its very nature.

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@gonmog: the post guide/pokedex for xy is set to be released jan 21 2014 you can preorder it now on amazon for about $13.00

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