Pokemon X & Y Gameplay Trailer - May 14th, 2013

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This game looks amazing, I can't wait! They revealed 4 new Pokemon as well.

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None of these particular pokemon designs are really grabbing me, but pre-evolved forms rarely do, so I will withhold judgement until then. Also, I hope the camera is much further away in the actual game than it is in that trailer.

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Ill probably pick this up since I've been itching for anything to play on the 3ds as of late.

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GoGoat is either the worst or the best Pokemon name ever.

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GoGoat is either the worst or the best Pokemon name ever.

But, you can mount it!

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I love the name "Gogoat." Tells you everything you need to know. Pokemon names are better than the designs.

As or the trailer, though... Kind of unimpressive. The game itself I'm sure is totally fine, but all the video they're putting out for these games doesn't show things off very well. Was I supposed to be impressed by that 45 second long montage of.. people walking?

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