Some pokemon not available yet?

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I went on GTS earlier and couldn't find any Chimchar. Is there no way of getting some of the older pokemon yet? Do we need to wait for the Pokemon Bank to launch for people to start importing older pokemon?

I am trying to build Team Monkey.

The last game I played was Diamond, and I never got far enough in to start moving over my Saphire collection. After reading up, it looks like I would need to play one of the Black or White games, and move my collection there before I could do anything with the Pokemon Bank, which is kinda annoying. Am I crazy for considering picking up a copy of B/W and doing this? How far in before you get to import stuff. I am crazy.

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Hmm. Some stuff that I like in that list. Crap. I wonder if I can find a used copy of B/W that is far enough along to let me import things from Diamond without actually playing. That doesn't solve the Sapphire problem though. Gah, turning into a digital animal hoarder.

Torchic is on that list, but everyone with internet should have gotten one from Nintendo already. I assume the list considers no outside gifts from the internet.

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Gotta wait till Pokemon Bank launches to get the rest.

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Friend safari doesn't have any of those non-legendaries? Damn, that sucks.

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Ugh, figured that was why I couldn't find Mudkip or Turtwig.

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You might not have to get b/w or anything. Once the bank comes out , anyone with a ditto can breed unobtainables. You just need a friend who is a poke fanatic.

Jeff gonna be pissed you can't get koffing

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Once the Pokebank opens up, the value of certain Pokemon is gonna plummet while others shoot towards the sky. Gooooood times.

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@koolaid: I am pissed you can't get koffing.

I realize that the day the Bank launches all these pokemon will be available on GTS, but I've got two huge collections sitting on these other games.

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@jollus: You could try renting a copy of black or white from Gamefly or somewhere. They don't make it easy to delete pokemon saves so generally rented copies have a file on there. It's not unlikely that they will be post Elite Four, which is when you can transfer pokemon from Diamond.

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@jollus: instead of trying to go back to R/S/E for pokemon, since transferring those to gen IV is a pain in the ass, go grab a copy of Heart gold or Soul Silver. between those and B/W (especially the B/W GTS) you can get almost everything, including legendaries. Also, the GTS is broken as hell for B/W. You can change your 3DS's DNS for DS games, and have it connect to a GTS spoofer to get literally any pokemon through gen V through the GTS without trading or trying to find it.

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Wow I thought for sure Genesect was in this game. There is a dude that asks you to show him one if you find it.

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The bad thing about it is whenever I go on the GTS and am looking for a pokemon, I usually see the other person wants one of the ones on that list. Apparently the word isn't completely out yet.

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It's silly because I love Whimsicott, and they changed its type to be part fairy, but they only gave it to opposing trainers.

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