Pokemon Cyrus Online

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Pco said:

This is no knock off or any other pokemon online game where 2 months down later its closed. Pokemon Cyrus Online will always be growing and becoming better and it’s up to you guys to give it a try.

When you make a game using the sprites, the name and the concept then it is a knock off. Anyway it looks well build those who are into pokemon should try it i guess.
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looks kind of cool, I'll give it a try.

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Ive played this about a year ago it didnt have any combat then just walking around.

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Looks good. Trainer card is ugly as hell though. So I threw this together. If I could find the 'proper' Trainer Card font I'd of used that, instead I had to 'rip' it from a 'real' card. Not sure if you like it and want to use it, or if this project is still alive, but it passed some time.

Pokemon Cyrus Trainer Card Design

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Well that's too bad, when I clicked on the link it says this account has been suspended.

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