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The polyp is an enemy in Gears of War 3 that fights exclusively on the lambent side of the three-way conflict. The polyp is a spider-like enemy that closely resembles a poisonous headcrab from Half life 2. The polyp throws its self at you with its body filled with explosive imulsion, dealing large amounts of damage. Not only are they filled with imulsion, they can also jump over cover and throw them selves large distances. The polyp doesn't do enough damage to down you in a single hit, so they travel in packs. It has been said that the polyp is the ticker equivalent for the lambent.

The polyp is the first enemy you see in Gears of War 3 and can be seen killing the majority of the crew. Many enemies can produce polyps on the battlefield causing players to change priority on what to kill next. Polyps can climb on walls and ceilings and are known for spreading the infection to the locusts by attaching themselves to drones backs.

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