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This Pokemon is a Dark type encountered early on in the game and is one of the first Dark types available to be caught. Poochyenas appear evenly in gender throughout the game.

Evolutionary Process

Poochyena - Level 18 - Mightyena - End

Move Set

Starting move - Tackle
Level 5 - Howl
Level 9 - Sand-Attack
Level 13 - Bite
Level 17 - Odor Sleuth
Poochyena evolves at Level 18, this summary assumes Poochyena is not allowed to evolve.
Level 21 - Roar
Level 25 - Swagger
Level 29 - Assurance 
Level 33 - Scary Face
Level 37 - Taunt
Level 41 - Embargo
Level 45 - Take Down
Level 49 - Sucker Punch
Level 53 - Crunch

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