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Black/White 2 introduces new Kyurem forms

Pokémon Black/White 2 is a sequel to Pokémon Black/White, and the first direct sequel in the series' history. Black/White 2 features 300 Pokémon from the start including — unlike Black/White which featured an all new roster of Pokémon — creatures from previous games such as Psyduck, Lapras and Arcanine. There are also two new forms of the legendary Pokémon Kyurem: White Kyurem and Black Kyurem. Each new form has a signature move with White Kyurem knowing Ice Burn and Black Kyurem knowing Freeze Shock. Unova has changed since its debut in Black/White with major parts of it covered in thick ice and many updated locations.

Pokémon Black/White 2 was formally announced by Junichi Masuda on the Japanese television program Pokémon Smash on February 26, 2012. At first, very little information was revealed other than the Japanese release date, and the alternate black and white versions of the legendary Pokémon Kyurem.

Pokémon Black/White 2 is the last Pokémon game for the Nintendo DS; it's successor, Pokémon X/Y, was released on the Nintendo 3DS in October 2013.


Pokémon Black/White 2 is set two years after the events of the first game, Pokemon Black/White. It features brand new locations, a new trainer, gym leaders and a new rival for the player. Team Plasma returns as the primary antagonists.

New Features

Inside a Hidden Grotto

Like other Pokémon sequels, Black/White 2 contain a handful of new features:

  • Hidden Grottos are small, hidden areas which can be found between two trees in the main over-world. Here, players can find Pokémon with their hidden ability or items such as evolutionary stones and potions.
  • Join Avenue is a special area which populates over time with players you interact with through WiFi or a local connection. Eventually, shops will appear which sell unique effects and modifiers for the player and their Pokemon. Shops can be levelled up by guiding customers to them, which improves the services they provide.
  • Medal System is an in-game achievements system. Players are awarded medals for completing specific tasks such as saving the game 100 times or capturing all the fire-type Pokemon in the Pokédex. Players can then display their proudest achievement on their trainer card. There is also a rank given to the player based on how many medals have been collected 100, 150, 200, 250.
  • Pokemon World Tournament is a facility in which trainers compete in a variety of competitions: all Pokemon under level 25, all Pokemon randomly chosen and all Pokemon level 50 with the ability to trade with your opponent before the match. After defeating the Elite Four players can then enter a fourth tournament in which they battle the Gym Leaders and Champions from the past games. The tournament is single elimination, with certain gym leaders only unlocking after beating a previous set. Is is also possible to battle the well known trainer 'Red', The main protagonist from the very first game in the Pokémon series - Red and Blue.
  • Pokestar Studios is the main side distraction similar to the musicals or pageants of past games. This time, players are filming a movie and choose from a list of scenarios to act out as the game dictates.
  • Unova Link is a new feature that links your copy of B2/W2 with a friends and back to your old copy of B/W. It modifies the game based on what the person you are linking to has done. For example, linking to a friend who has completed the game gives you access to Challenge and Assist mode. These modes alter the difficult of the game. Assist Mode makes the game easier by lowering the level opponent's Pokemon and making the AI less intelligent. Challenge mode makes the game harder by increasing the opponents level, gives Gym Leaders and Elite Four an extra Pokemon and modified movesets and makes the AI more intelligent.

New Pokemon Forms

Like the Generation IV minor sequel, Platinum, Black/White 2 adds new forms for existing Pokémon. These forms change not only the appearance of the Pokémon, but also their stats and in some cases, abilities and movesets.

  • The Kami Trio - Therian Forms: The Kami trio ( Thundurus, Landorus and Tornadus) all received new forms in Black/White 2 known as the Therian forms. These forms differentiate the three Pokémon from each other. Where before they all resembled humanoid genies with a few minor differences, now the members of the Trio look entirely unique.
  • Thundurus - Therian Form: Thundurus's form resembles a flying serpent, although Thundurus retains his arms and legs. In this form Thundurus has a higher Special Attack stat. His ability changes from Prankster to Volt Absorb.
  • Tornadus - Therian Form: Tornadus's form is that of a bird, with large feathered wings and imposing talons. In this form Tornadus has higher Defence, Special Defence and Speed stats. His ability changes from Prankster to Regenerator.
  • Landorus - Therian Form: Landorus's form resembles a lion, changing the Pokémon from a floating genie into a four-legged animal. In this form, Landorus has a higher Attack stat. His ability changes from Sand Force to Intimidate.
  • The Tao Trio - Black and White Forms: The Tao Trio (Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem) all receive new forms in spirit, although technically only Kyurem receives the new forms as he fuses with either Reshiram or Zekrom.
  • Kyurem - Black Form: Kyurem's Black form adds elements of Zekrom to its appearance, such as Zekrom's arm, wing, tail and horn. In this form, Kyurem has a higher Attack stat and access to the move Freeze Shock. Its ability changes from Pressure to Teravolt.
  • Kyurem - White Form: Kyurem's White form adds elements of Reshiram to its appearance, such as Reshiram's arm, wing, tail and horn. In this form, Kyurem has a higher Special Attack stat and access to the move Ice Burn. Its ability changes from Pressure to Turboblaze.
  • Keldeo - Resolute Form: Keldeo, the fourth member of the Musketeer Trio (Virizion, Terrakion and Cobalion), can take on a Resolute Form. This new form doesn't affect the Keldeo's stats but does its appearance slightly by giving it a bigger mane and larger horn. The new form also grants Keldeo access to the move Secret Sword.

Version Differences

Minor differences between the two versions define the Pokémon series, and is a major selling point between the two. The differences between Black 2 and White 2 are outlined below.


Black 2White 2
BonslyMime jr.


Some locations vary between the two versions, with aesthetic differences being the most obvious, but events at these locations can also differ.

  • Opelucid City: In Pokémon Black 2, Opelucid is portrayed as a futuristic city, while in White 2 it is a rustic old town.
  • Route 4: The road conecting Nimbasa City to Castelia City differs between the two versions. In Black 2 it's a smart, modern street; in White, it's dotted with ancient ruins and buffeted by sandstorms.
  • Black City/White Forest: These two locations return from the previous iteration. Black City is a built up Metropolis where players can battle NPC trainers. White Forest is a lush woodland where players may encounter wild Pokémon.


The health and status bar during the battle screen is black in Black 2 and white in White 2. The pop-up info such as current location and season is likewise, black in Black 2 and white in White 2.

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