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 1 Player
Pop 'Em Drop 'Em SAMEGAME is a simple puzzle game for WiiWare where you must clear matching blocks in sets of two or more to earn points. The more blocks you match, the more the points you get. If you manage to clear the entire grid, you can keep on playing with a whole new layout. In one player mode, players can try different grid sizes and adjust the number of block colors to tweak with how the game is played. Bombs can be used to speed up the block elimination process. Players may also choose from different backgrounds, music, and the styles of the blocks for a more customized experience.

There are three multi-player modes, which can be played up to four players.

Fame Game- This is probably the most uncomplicated choice. This mode is very similar to single player.
Shame Game- In this mode, players compete for the lowest score.
Blame Game- This mode puts all four players on one grid eliminating blocks.

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