Dude Creates all 4 Personality Cores.

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We've been seeing loads of fan made stuff coming out of portal 2 from that nice drawing of Chell after the end of the game to the guy who made a turret plushy who says all the memorable lines from the game. But non of these even come close to what this man has created:


That's right, he created all four spheres from Portal 2, all in little pocket sized versions with their big glowing eyes. It's one of the coolest fan made things I've ever seen and they deserve to be sold in the Valve store so we can all have what is arguably one of the best parts of Portal 2 in our homes.

So, what do you guys think of this genius piece of engineering? How much would you pay for one?
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Saw that on Kotaku.

I thought I could make one with some directions until I read that he used a 3D printer...

Well, I hope Valve jumps the gun on this and makes some themselves.

Even if it's a plushie.
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This would have been awesome, but there is no yellow one. Thus the entire project is an abject failure.

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 I don't remember there being a red one

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Hah! That's pretty cool stuff.

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I'd pay stupid amounts of money for those. 

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awesome, id buy that if valve made a series :P

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@Slaker117 said:
This would have been awesome, but there is no yellow one. Thus the entire project is an abject failure.
The red one actually is yellow/orange. It says in the description that is shows up red in the video for some reason.

Here what it really looks like

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@wasteguru: Oh, wow. That's dramatically different than how it looks on video.
#11 Posted by pigmartyr (240 posts) -
#12 Posted by JeanLuc (3794 posts) -
@Slaker117: yeah, certain paints and lights end up looking really different on film for some reason.
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@Yanngc33: I'd pay 20-30 spacebucks for one of those. And 65-75 moonportals for a set.
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There are 4 personality cores? I really need to find someone to play that coop with lol

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Hey. Hey. Lets go to space!

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