Finally got around to playing Portal 2...

#1 Posted by Huey2k2 (524 posts) -

What a phenomenal game, just finished the single player not even 10 minutes ago, and the ending is fantastic.

Now I am wondering, is there anyone around that hasn't played the co-op yet? Would love to be able to play some of the co-op but all of my friends that own the game either own it on consoles, or already played through the co-op on PC.

So if anyone still paying attention to this board has Portal 2 for the PC and would like to do some co-op let me know! I am definitely eager to get into it.

#2 Posted by gamb1t (1001 posts) -

boo 360, havent beat it yet ;\

#3 Posted by SSully (4754 posts) -

Glad to hear you liked it. I already beat coop so I am not interested, but get playing that coop asap, it is a blast to play.

Also I would like to throw this in there, I thought the ending turret song was fantastic. I still catch myself listening to it a few times a month. If you like the music like me valve has released the sound track for free. The first 2 parts are out, with a 3rd coming soon. Enjoy!

#4 Posted by LiquidSaiyan3 (506 posts) -

Oh nice. I only got part-way through the co-op and need a good excuse to finish it. I'm on PS3, but there's cross-compatibility with PC.

Friend me up on Steam: liquidsaiyan3

#5 Posted by MightyDuck (1632 posts) -

@Huey2k2: I completely forgot about the promised free DLC that was supposed to happen this summer. If I'm not mistaken I read somewhere online in the last month that it was still coming. Hopefully sooner, rather than later.

#6 Posted by Rusputin (79 posts) -

I'm down to play through any and all co-op you want. Steam ID: Rusputin

#7 Posted by fetchfox (1510 posts) -

I'm down for some co-op, as I've only done it offline before. Got a PS3, but my steam name will probably be "fetchfox" (have not connected yet).

#8 Posted by Rusputin (79 posts) -

@fetchfox: feel free to hit me up as well. I'd rather play with people from here than randoms.

#9 Edited by Dunchad (542 posts) -

The co-op is a surprisingly good experience even with a random. I usually hate that kind of stuff (never did PUGs in MMOs), but I played through the co-op with a stranger at launch. I did get frustrated a few times, since he wasn't catching on to things quite as quickly as I was (not to mention, his english wasn't the best), but in the end we played through the whole co-op in one sitting.

The co-op really made the game for me, since I felt the single player puzzles were just too easy - they had so many new mechanics to introduce that by the time you wished to try out some harder challenges, they introduced a new thing and made things easy again. Co-op puzzles were not too difficult either, but at least there were a few head-scratchers mixed in that took a while before we figured out what to do.

Can't wait for some DLC to come out.

#10 Posted by Huey2k2 (524 posts) -

Forgot to mention, for those interested in playing, my Steam ID is Huey2k2

Feel free to add me

#11 Posted by Brendan (8820 posts) -

I'm playing it on the 360 at the moment, I just finished chapter 3, or act 3, or whatever. I'm loving it so far.

#12 Posted by SlightConfuse (3995 posts) -

it was a really well made game, bever outstayed it welcome.

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