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The game follows an alternate reality/timeline continuity, in which exists a Hall of Legends. The Hall of Legends exists in a hidden dimension, where the powers of the previous Power Ranger teams are held, and guarded by the Future Omega Ranger. Lord Zedd reappears, intending to alter history by manipulating the timelinepreviously set, the end result being to destroy all of the Power Rangers altogether. The Future Omega Ranger sets forward in trying to contact different Rangers from different times to get their power and assistance to stop Zedd.


The game is a side scrolling beat 'em up, using 3d environments and characters. At the end of each section, the game has quick-time event boss battles using the Megazords. In each level the player fights waves of drone like enemies, then initiate the start of a boss fight at the end of each level. The player fights the boss, and after depleting their health, a QTE Megazord boss fight is started. In each level, the player can also collect letters, which spell RANGER, the resulting effect is unlocking alternate playable rangers.

Playable Characters

  • Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger
  • Pink Mighty Morphin Power Ranger
  • Blue Mighty Morphin Power Ranger (PC/PS2)
  • Yellow Mighty Morphin Power Ranger (PC/PS2)
  • Red Lost Galaxy Ranger (PS2/PC)
  • Green Lost Galaxy Ranger
  • Blue Lost Galaxy Ranger 
  • Blue Time Force Ranger (DS)
  • Green Time Force Ranger (DS)
  • Red Wild Force Ranger
  • Lunar Wild Force Ranger
  • Black Wild Force Ranger (DS)
  • White Wild Force Ranger (DS)
  • Crimson Ninja Storm Ranger (PS2/PC)
  • Navy Ninja Storm Ranger (PS2/PC)
  • Blue Ninja Storm Ranger (PS2/PC)
  • Green Ninja Storm Ranger (PS2/PC)
  • Red Ninja Storm Ranger (DS)
  • Yellow Ninja Storm Ranger (DS)
  • Shadow S.P.D. Ranger (PS2/PC)
  • Omega S.P.D. Ranger
  • Yellow S.P.D. Ranger (PS2/PC)
  • Red S.P.D. Ranger
  • Blue S.P.D. Ranger (DS)
  • Black Operation Overdrive Ranger
  • Red Operation Overdrive Ranger
  • Blue Operation Overdrive Ranger (PS2/PC) 
  • Future Omega Ranger (PS2/PC)

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