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PoxNora is a game that combines aspects of collectible card games, role-playing games, and tactical miniatures games into a game that was initially java and browser-based in its launch in 2006. PoxNora was developed by Octopi Media Design lab, which was acquired by Sony Online Entertainment in 2009. Even at its launch in 2006, PoxNora essentially had a "free to play" model, as players could play for free using pre-constructed decks of cards, or "runes." Players could also opt to pay for booster packs and singles for more powerful runes to construct a deck of their own design.

General Rules

  • Decks consist of 30 cards, or "runes."
  • Having 15 or 30 cards of a single faction in your deck confers a faction bonus, encouraging themed decks.
  • Creatures are summoned, spells a cast, and relics are bought using Nora, the game's main resource.
  • Nora is generated by your starting Fortress, and Nora Fonts on the map that you capture.
  • Victory is achieved by destroying your opponent's Fortress.


  • Forglar Swamp: Creatures are generally amphibious and aquatic in nature. The frog-like boghoppers are extremely mobile, with the ability to leap across the battlefield. This faction boasts powerful healers, and its faction bonus grants increased Nora production.
  • Forsaken Wastes: This is the faction of the undead. Their creatures have low costs, and can quickly be brought back when killed. The faction bonus reduces the cooldown times of redeploying killed units.
  • Ironfist Stronghold: The Ironfist Stronghold is made up of hardy dwarves that primarily focus on defense. Champions are largely centered on melee attacks, and the faction bonus reduces damage from magic for your champions.
  • K'thir Forest: The K'thir Forest is inhabited mainly by elves and the garu--ancient bear-warriors. The strengths of the K'thir Forest are the speed of the units, and its ranged attackers. This faction also employs units and spells that debuff and weaken enemy units. The K'thir Forest faction bonus grants extra Action Points for champions, allowing them to move and attack more each turn.
  • Savage Tundra: Home to the Jakei, these once-elf warriors have adapted to lands of ice and snow. The Savage Tundra can immobilize enemies with area-of-effect spells and ranged frost attacks. Their faction bonus boosts the HP of your units.
  • Shattered Peaks: The Shattered Peaks value quantity over quality. Little mammalian animals called the Moga are weak individually, but are quickly spawned in great numbers. Their lumbering overseers, the G'hern, boost their power and are in turn buffed by surrounding Moga. This symbiotic relationship is powerful, and the faction bonus allows them to rapidly expand--by refunding 6% or 12% of a units Nora cost.
  • Sundered Lands: Two races of reptilian creatures make up this faction. The Draksar and the Skeezick have tough units, with armor plating and regenerating qualities. The faction bonus significantly increases their resiliency, by reducing the damage that units take by 10% or 20%.
  • Underdepths: The Underdepths are ruled by demons and night-elves. Both focus on one stat at the cost of all others--damage. This faction boasts some of the most powerful melee champions in the game, though they are offset by either cost or vulnerability. The faction bonus increases damage output even further, giving melee units a significant buff and ranged units a less significant buff.

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