sup909's Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (Xbox 360) review

Hum Drum Re-tread. Monotonous

Before going any further with this review, lets first ask ourselves whether we enjoyed the Prince of Persia games from the PS2 era. If you did then you will like this. If you did not (like me) then you will not enjoy this game.  
This game is essentially a reprisal of those games in terms of format and style. Your adventure takes you through what appears to be the largest castle in  history, filled with insane mechanical contraptions that make absolutely no sense beyond the game world. Why would I for example have blades on the walls and levers in the air? Am I expecting all of my enemies to solve puzzles? 
The game unabashedly is a a game and if you can take it for what it is then you can get a good time out of it. Jumping from point to point can be fun, for a while. The problem I mostly have with the Prince of Persia games is that in a world after Assassin's Creed, slowly climbing some walls in defined places just doesn't impress me anymore. Apart from the climbing and then the the sword play there is nothing else to the game at all.  
The fightinggets terribly repetitive too.  On the one hand this is a puzzler, where you have to try and navigate out of a room through the wall climbing. The puzzles aren't very challenging however, and the fighting the game is just straight up boring. Every boss battle is an instance of dodge their charge and hack them when they are down.  
This is a game for the fans of the series and not much else. There is technically nothing wrong with the game and if you can find it in the $20 bin then have at it, otherwise take a pass. 


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