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Privates casts you in the role of a Marine squad leader commanding a small band of wash-outs known as Foxtrot Company. The game consists of five levels, each of which is set in or on a "private" area (a vagina, a scrotum, etc). The player is tasked with identifying and eliminating any sexually transmitted infections the area is suffering from. This includes acts such as using anti-viral blasts to eliminate barriers made of herpes blisters, machine-gunning pubic lice, and even fending off the occasional wave of errant sperm.
Privates was coded using Microsoft's XNA platform, with release intended for both PC and the XBL Indie Games service. While the PC version is now available for free ( download link), it appears that the Indie Games release is unlikely due to the pervasively sexual nature of the game.  Xbox spokesperson David Dennis released a statement stating that  "While we haven't seen this game, we can confirm that if it is consistent with the description we have seen on the Internet, this game would not pass peer review and would not be permitted to be distributed on Xbox Live."

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