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I was getting this error last night. Redownloaded, still didn't work. Deleted my saves, still didn't work. Only after that did I find a few posts around the internet saying it was related to online stuff.

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"Free Tibet*

*With every purchase" during the travel sequence was pretty good.

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The big intimidating baddie at the end is a metal sand worm.

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@ben_h said:
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Edit: Youtube player is HUGE NOW

This has caused me to watch this movie for the first time in probably 12 years.

EDIT: Oh my god why does the dad blend orange juice and egg together then drink it.

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Good timing on this article. I just started up Zombie, Run! yesterdayafter buying it over a year ago and only doing one run with it. I'm going to check out The Walk as well.

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I could've been makin' them bells, but I made this instead. (click to get rid of the horrific artifacting)

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I just realized that there are a few Ubisoft games on my list as a result of me not closing the stupid UPlay crap. I definitely didn't play 21 hours of Assassin's Creed: Revelations (or 15 hours of Blood Dragon).

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Enjoying Petaluma's finest beer while watching the Idle Thumbs stream.

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@bocam said:

It's too bad that TenNapel is a homophobic asshole.

Man, this isn't a thing I knew about until now. I'm almost more weirded out by his "America is awesome because it's 78.5% Christian" than the homophobic stuff.

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If I could get an invite at Saison@twentyounce that would be awesome.

Liking the bit of the game I've played so far.