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Sure, Im in.

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wow thanks for all the replies
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Recommendations? I often have problems playing a game without a solid story; I just need that hook to pull through and see the game in its entirety. 
Edit: feel like a moron for spelling great wrong...
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you should get burnout paradise. its not an rpg or an action game, but it is open world.
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lol its not really a phase, and it didnt start with gears of war; theyve been doing it for ages.
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lol for how fucking difficult that game is, it has never enraged me, although that may be because  i think i like a challenge. whenever i am stuck on level, i wont - cant - allow myself to walk away, defeated.

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lol yeah, abunch of times. its awesome. also, if you dont smoke weed please dont make an asshole, comment; its cool, we dont hate you, dont hate us. the only bad people here are those calling other people bad people.
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ive been smoking pot for a couple of years now (and i suffer from depression as well), and id say that it probably helps in the short term, and hurts in the long run.  It helpls me ignore the silly issues that promote depression, but when i feel shitty, i really really feel shitty. Essentially it raises my most euporic plateau and exacerbates my lows. Smoke kron, but not habitually, is my advice.
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hmm i guess but there was a bit of a commotion about it, but the reason i found this so interesting is that i found it on my sympatico/msn homepage. Its been my homepage for the last 5 years and ive never seen anything video game related on it. I mean yeah they're probably trying to cash in on the whole thing, and that means more people will hear about this and perhaps conclude a negative disposition to the whole thing. All im saying is its a really mainstream website, and thats a pretty slanted article.
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