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Just to completely buck the trend, I had this after I knocked my nose 90 degrees sideways playing rugby. Had the op 10 days after doing it, thanks to the NHS. Went under general anaesthetic but I think the whole procedure took like 10 mins - the surgeon said she just snapped it back in.

Granted my nose was generally fine and the break was recent, but the septum deviation she described as "severe". I had swelling and painkillers for about a week, nothing too heavy, and after that the swelling went down and it was fine. Broken it twice since mind, so I'm pretty much back to where I started. Ah well.

I don't really see how much of a "train wreck" it could be up there unless you've deliberately taken a hammer to it - once they break it and reset it where it should be things should be pretty simple.

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What happened to the days when game devs would release updates for free? I feel like I may as well rent new releases instead of buying games like Halo because in a few months I won't be able to play online anyway without paying out 25% of the original release price for what is usually the same textures and models arranged differently on a pre-set world. . .

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Whore. Obviously.

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[XBLA version] As far as I can tell, bat familiar isn't glitched. No matter where you are, switch into bat form and the bat familiar (if active) will return to you within a few seconds, and get on with his task of smashing any enemies in sight. Looks to me like a deliberate decision on the part of the game designers. Hope this works for PC/PS3 users!

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Have there been any announcements/news articles that I've missed relating to synching the iPhone GB app with the quest system on the site? Obviously I get that you can't search for specific pages in the app, but for watching videos, for example? I use the app a lot to watch videos when I'm travelling or in bed, and it bums me out when I then have to watch a specific video a second time on the site in order to trigger the quest completion. Either that or I put it on in the background, mute my PC, and go do something else - for example for the quest where you have to watch the 'Ask Me Anything' Reach trailer. Didn't have the time  to sit through 35 mins of that again. Almost feels like I'm cheating when I do it though.
Anyway, I have no idea how easy/hard this would be - I'm not a developer and I know precisely fuck all about this sort of thing. Anyone have any ideas about whether it's possible/likely?

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So. . . there's 4 new achievements attached to the SPECACT stuff, does this mean I've got to shell out (well, pay £4) for the DLC in order to get them?? If so, God damn you EA! Really cheap way to get achievement whores like me to actually bother paying for the stuff!  
Is it possible to get an S rank for this game WITHOUT the SPECACT shit? 

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Cheers for all your replies! UAV it is then - I'm retarded at flying proper helicopters, I just embarrass myself!  
I'm gonna get straight on this - when my Xbox comes back from Frankfurt. :( Grr.

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Does anyone know if you can get this with the UAV? Or does it have to be one of the 'proper' choppers?