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Who would win: Jack v. Kratos? 0

I was excited at the prospect of MadWorld because it showed the hope for a more diverse line up of games for the Wii.  I have not been disappointed.  I am only a few hours in, but MadWorld has been entertaining in the same way that God of War was entertaining . . . o.k. maybe a bit less.  The fighting seems much less directed than in GoW.  You have more freedom with your opponents and their demise by being able to drag them to a near-by structure to impale them with.  But the depth of the quick ...

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Almost as much fun as Solitare 0

I've been playing Carcassonne (the board game) casually for a long time.  Some of my friends are excellent players who deftly manipulate the board with every placement, while I just sort of dabbled in the basic strategy.  That was part of the draw for buying Carcassonne on XBLA, the other part was to have a board game that I burn some time with while waiting for my Party to assemble.  In both of those aspects Carcassonne delivers.As a board game simulator it works well, including multiple rule s...

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