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Last year was a total bust for games at E3 and it just made me sad. However, this year just makes me angry.
Ubisoft has lost their mind trying to find the next big thing. Seriously, Battle Tag? BATTLE TAG? It's Laser Tag connected to a server. There's an iPhone app that already does this people!
At least there's a few diamonds in the rough. Metal Gear, Dead Rising, Rage, etc...

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I think at this point, this game should be renamed "LittleBigUniverse"

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Okay, I got it, thanks all!

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Or not... fffff, HOW?!

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Disregard this, an option to share this post on Facebook popped up and it let me sync. :/
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For some reason I can't find out how to log out, I want to do this so that I can link my Facebook, because I remember seeing it there before I logged in last time. Or is there a way to sync my Facebook without having to log out??