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There are a lot of rough edges. 0

It bothers me when people complain about Square Enix's policy of bringing forward its old games. The fact of the matter is, RPGs are expensive to develop. The fact of the matter is, Square Enix needs to keep the lights on while working on its latest magnum opus. And even if those things weren't the case, the fact of the matter is that both Enix and Square were making amazing games in Japan that never saw the light of day int he United States.Enter Star Ocean First Departure, the rebuild of one o...

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An excellent rebuild of an excellent game. 4

The Dragon Quest series is an anachronism, harkening back with few exceptions to the early days of console RPGs in its structure and style. That's no surprise, of course, as Dragon Quest helped to establish that structure and style without much of a template to work from. These games don't have real-time battle systems with advanced artificial intelligence to guide non-controlled characters. They don't have the modern storytelling upgrades, with the political intrigue and angst-riddled hero char...

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One of Generation 7's best tactical RPGs. 0

Nobody could have predicted the popularity of Final Fantasy Tactics when it dropped in 1998. It was a highly complex game in a genre that was not well-known in the United States and required a higher level of tactical thought than any previous game in the Final Fantasy series. Its character graphics were 2D sprites in an era that demanded 3D models. Its story, while engrossing, was difficult and covered some very dangerous ground. Surely it would be a one-time shot for Square, set out in a limit...

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Not a classic, but thumpin' good. 0

Once upon a time, there was a spiky-headed dude called Cloud Strife, SOLDIER First Class. He saved the world with a little help from his friends, and he was hated by a contingent of the fanboys because of his non-heroic attitude. That, and because at times he became a whiny bitch. No danger of that here. Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core stars Zack Fair, SOLDIER First Class, who wants to be a hero and is actually quite good at it. He's endlessly positive and energetic, and he's definitely good with...

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