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anyone know if there will be some sort of cross gen deal, like buy it for the 360 get in on the bone for 10 bucks or something? Hopefully the 360 version is worth getting.

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i got a roku and it streams stuff fine, i mostly use it for netflix, although the interface is a bit sluggish. No idea about streaming from a pc.

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honesty, transparency, integrity, what makes a journalist an actual journalist.

@splodge said:

Capitalism is the solution here folks.

Go to the sites you like, don't visit the ones you don't like.

Buy the games you like, don't buy the games you don't like.

Give the time of day to those on social network sites that you like, ignore those you don't like.

Vote with your actions. If everyone did this, the people on both sides who are causing all this outrage and harassment will naturally be ignored.

I understand the desire to directly attack those who you perceive to be wronging you, but know that this makes it worse. It continues the cycle.

With problems like this, let the market decide, and engage that way. It is a lot less stressful, and obtains the best results .

unfortunately there are basically no sites to visit that aren't fucking terrible. All these sites and those who write for them seem to be cut from the same shit cloth.

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I'd suggest waiting until they release the new wiiu with better hardware in it

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fuck that. if nintendo dont have some sort of upgrade thing than i'm never buying nintendo hardware again.

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chickfla chicken isnt that good. theres better chicken elsewhere.

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bag management was something i always hated in wow stuff like bagnon makes it easier to manage but when i found adibags it was the last time i ever fucked with my inventory. It was a glorious day. that with a popular auction addon and maybe a threat addon is all you really need. wows interface is pretty much fine for everything else now.

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im not subbed but i'd guess something like 100 days /played across all my characters.