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Captain America must hate America 0

Captain America Super Soldier is the video game counterpart to the feature film being released in theaters. This game follows the trend of recent Marvel movie based games in that the story doesn’t follow the film but is written by actual writers from the comics to be its own stand alone story. Movie based games (especially the ones based on comics) have had little to offer in the past but Captain America is unique in that it actually can be fun to play and have something to offer to fans of th...

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Gundam 3 just not up to par. 0

The Dynasty Warriors series has always been just a mindless button mashing game that I have managed to find a kind of senseless joy out of. There was nothing like being one soldier amongst thousands on a battlefield just hacking your way to the final general to end the mission. It's senseless fun at its best. When they incorporated the Gundam franchise into the series it seemed like a match made in heaven. The first two Dynasty Warriors Gundam games were everything I would ever want in a Gundam...

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Don't fear FEAR 3 0

The FEAR series has always been an interesting concept to me that has just never seen its full potential and FEAR 3 is no different. One thing that fans of the series can agree on is that the story is kind of hard to follow and totally disturbing. These are two points that FEAR 3 hits many times throughout its campaign. FEAR 3, like its predecessors, is jam packed full of disgusting and violent imagery that is enough to keep you up at night and just enough to keep you interested in the game. It...

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Alan Woke Up 0

Alan wake is a survival horror game at its best. With the game being in development for over six years and going through many changes it was hard to know what to expect when the game actually released. The game changed from being an open world game to a more linear horror story, which is more than likely for the best. The game still features large open areas that you can explore but open world or sandbox is hardly the way to describe this game. Alan Wake is produced by Remedy Entertainment which...

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Infamous 2 epically amazing. 0

So after just getting Infamous 2 I sat down and put over 5 hours in the game nonstop. This game packs together everything that made the first game great and expands upon it. With returning game play and only a minor change to controls Infamous 2 is exactly what you would expect from a sequel.  The story for the game is actually more addictive than the first with actual cut scenes as well as the graphic novel style story telling. The story beats feel like they have more of an impact and make you ...

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Splinter Cell Finally Made a Game. 0

So I haven't been a big fan of the Splinter Cell games since they came out. I thought they were too hard and the controls were too clumsy. When I saw screenshots of Conviction in development and read up on it I started to get more excited. Unfortunatly some of the stuff I read about when it was first announced didn't make it into the game but what did come out was still really great.  Splinter Cell Conviction continues the story of Sam Fisher after the death of his daughter. It's your typical re...

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Tron Portable 0

Tron Evolution on the PSP is similar to the version on the Wii in that it doesn't really have a story but is just a series of mini games inspired by the game grid in Tron. They try to flesh in a story by saying your a program created by Kevin Flynn to be trained by Tron to compete in this tournament but really that's all there is.  Tron Evolution features many different mini game types, some such as the light cycle grid, light cycle races, disc arena and tank battles. There is one game type wher...

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No Peace for Peace Walker 0

The Metal Gear series has always been a personal favorite of mine since Metal Gear Solid. Since I first played that game I have absorbed everything Metal Gear that I could. With that being said, with the announcment of Peace Walker as being the "last" of the Kojima Metal Gear games I was all in.  Peace Walker is a Prequel to Metal Gear Solid but a sequel to Snake Eater and Portable Ops. Which makes it a prethreequel? . . . Peace Walker has you again playing as a young Big Boss after the days of ...

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Battlefront is Elite 0

So theres not much to say on Battlefront Elite Squadron other than it's another Battlefront game. The same classic gameplay of the older games just on a small portable device. Now what is there to say about Elite Squadron? It's pretty great. Battlefront 2 on the psp felt like a poor attempt at a port. The battles seemed small in the fact that you hardly see more than a few characters on the screen at the same time. Elite Squadron improves in this aspect in that you see many more troops at a time...

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When will the force really unleash? 0

 The game has addictive combat and the graphics are very amazing. The cutscenes feel like they are ripped straight from a Star Wars movie and the voice action and character animation is amazing. A huge step up from the last game. The boss battles are epic and on a large scale. The game also has some of the most epic scenes I've seen in a game.On the down side the game is very short. About 5 to 6 hours long. That seems to have become the average length for games now days. I've also read a lot of ...

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Call of . . Counter Strike? 0

So like most downloadable first person shooters coming out now days (which this year it seems like a lot) this game definatly tries to be a Call of Duty clone, but this game is hardly even passable as a CoD clone. I never heard of this game until I saw it on the Playstation store and I bought it on a whim. The result was a huge dissapointment.   The controls are easy enough. If you've played any first person shooter then this game should be easy enough to pick up and play. The game is multiplaye...

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