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I had the doors on either side of the lantern open from being there before beating Rom so I never encountered the three hunters. There's also a warp thats skips the level and get you to the Reborn One boss battle almost immediately, anything else I ran past. I suggest you run out of the chapel and make an immediate U-turn to your left to get the door left of the lantern open.

But yes hunters in that game are super cheap, I couldn't imagine taking on 3 at once.

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Pthurmerian Elder is giving me the most grief. His first stage if fine and dandy, but once he buffs I don't last long.

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PS4 all the way SUCKAAAAA!

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Called it. I thought they would delay it until early next year though. They should've taken a two year cycle.

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Considering it's their last one, I say take as much time as they need.

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Just don't put it out on the Wii U. Keep burying your home console by putting everything worth buying on the handheld.

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Dark Souls 2. All night. I'm hoping Infamous Second Son does the same.

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I want to know whats up the RE 1.5 resurrection.