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Just don't put it out on the Wii U. Keep burying your home console by putting everything worth buying on the handheld.

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Dark Souls 2. All night. I'm hoping Infamous Second Son does the same.

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I want to know whats up the RE 1.5 resurrection.

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Does lighting the torches are the world give you short cuts?

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@wh1terav3n: I like where your heads at. I usually could give a poop about names (dreamcast: love it, PSVita: sure) but this ONE took me for a loop.

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The theatre erupted in a standing ovation when the credits rolled including myself. Sorry duder but your on your own. It almost had two ovations because the shot lingered on the "first ending" for so long people started clapping.

Also Blazing Saddles fucking sucks.

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I hope the response you have gotten makes you further understand why. But probably not.

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Killzone Mercenary, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus 2 Vita, Soul Sacrifice, Tearaway, Dragon's Crown.

Pretty much everything come out for the Vita.

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I remember tearing up watching Four Brothers in the theatre. I was 14 and I have siblings. The part when Jack is dying and screams for Bobby, god damn it.

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Saints Row: The Third is great for humor and just being outrageous.

The Walking Dead is fantastic and will pull on every emotional string you have.