How Mass Effect 2 and Fallout 3 make me rage like a Heroin piggy.

First off, i've played Mass Effect 2 for 84 hours and S-Ranked it, and around 250 for Fallout 3 (Also S-Ranked, Yeah, Whassup ladies, my life is brimmin') ANYWAY.
There are things that kinca bother me about both games.
First off Mass Effect 2.
The game bothers* me as almost every mission leads to a gunfight in a cover filled room, does this not kinda get old for anyone else? i mean, the gameplay is fun, and the game is great, but would it not have been nice to have some main missions that didnt just have you blasting through many enemies, i mean, Thane and Samaras missions are basically the only ones to break this formula, and they are some of the best missions in the game, im not saying add super amounts of these missions, but i few more than 3 or 4 would have been nice

AND, Fallout 3, on Very Hard, all immersion dies, when you realize head shots aren't auto kills for humans, it makes me rage like hell to have a raider with a titanium skull, and me with a crippled girly skull made of bone.
Am i completely insane bastard or do these things wear on the nerves of my fellow lifeless (Or life-full? people, dont rage at me, im young) gamers after oh so many hours within the game?
If you read this, do sound off your opinion, death threats are fine too.
[Edit: i should probably note that i still play both games like a motherbitch and they in no way ruin the experience of the game]