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Why is this such a big deal? It's not the first time it has happened and not the last.

Because Apple likes to distance itself from being a game publisher as much as possible. They act like they are above games and that games are only a fraction of the reason why people use their devices. So for them to do something like this, it goes against that whole mindset.

Games ARE only a fraction of their services. Hardware makes up the majority of their profits, which they put out in their earnings call, which anyone can look up. They have never said they are above games, they always demo a game to show off their latest hardware. The conclusions people are jumping to are really bizarre.

In any case, I'm also in the "why is this news?" camp.

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No company should be allowed to do this. It's one thing to pay to develop a game that might not otherwise come to fruition. But to just pay (even with comarketing) to make your competitor's platform worse (even for a while) is anti-competitive.

It sucked with Rock Band 2. It sucks with this.

Competition is demonstrating your competitor is worse. If Android doesn't have access to this popular property, then they should work harder to fill the void or do better.

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Uh Patrick is confirming that that is what Gibeau said, not taking some moral stand against Apple.

This isn't anything new. They brokered a deal for exclusivity. Not only that, Android isn't exactly a cash cow. It's win win for PopCap.

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I cannot believe how fucking stupid the design of that thing is.

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I've basically got something like 5 hours of documentary thus far so I'm happy.