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with a montreal expos cap

a winner is lang...... maybe

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but not in europe................

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thank you people ALL

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the whole thing is something conrad verner would make in a wet dream.....

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@shaunage said:

I keep scrolling down looking for it. It's the one thing I really miss in the new design.

i'm just finding i'm less likely to jump in on random threads.


I'm on the forums less now. I was just used to scrolling down to the bottom to see what's up. Another click doesn't sound like a lot of work but the convenience meant something to me damnit!

@ajamafalous said:

I look at the forums maybe once or twice per day now as opposed to every 10-30 minutes I did when it was on the front page.

This basically is what happened for me as well and I hate it.

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and then comes a question:as one newly joined in the tera thingy, anyone still playing on celestial hill?

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more written things from alex is a very good thing

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phantasy star 2, always be grinding

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@Seppli said:

@Bishna said:

Is there still no free trial for it? Is it also still not on Steam? And 50 bucks still? I really want to try this game, but they aren't giving me a whole lot of reasons to.

Players could get codes to give to their friends, for a free trial weekend. That was a one-time event. I also don't expect GW2 to ever drop in price, at least not for a couple of years. T'was the same deal with GW1. It never really came down in price. That's just the nature of its business model.

speaking of price drop...... the collector digital version is 40€ question now

is it worth it?