<Day3>- Kpop

Okay so I was having my morning beer coffee as always and I listened to some 2011 Kpops on Youtube.

Now there are a lot of good Kpops that include awesome performances and hardcore coreography(ies?) but SOMEONE has to comment on excessive(?) amoount of use of the theme "love" in them.

I mean.. WOW. It's so hard to find the songs which are not about love..haha Almost all of the tv shows and musics that are made in Korea are about love or hatred (between lovers). I really wish they give some break and go with other new! fresh! topics.

As a korean who grew up and went to schools in Korea, I understand why is that (because that's the only thing that drew audiences and listeners at least in Korea.. or maybe Asia? I don't know.) but I have always thought we needed some change.


Kpop is great. Look at those cute/ sexy/ pretty idols! ha..ha..ha.

There are many idol groups that look promising (for at least next 2 years or so) , for example: B2ST, Infinite, Teen Top, Spica (they don't look idol-ish), Secret..

I will link some of their performances here. Enjoy!

<- Infinite - Paradise

<- Secret - Talk That

<- B2ST - Midnight / Beautiful Night


<Day2> - Programming..

oh C++. Why do you have to be so complicated?

Man.. This DIY style programming studying is really tough. NO. I am not giving up, but I gotta admit that I have felt that I just want to give up all of this.

It's not that there are so many things to learn here. Well, because I know that if you want to learn something, you gotta be patient with it.

The problem with me and C++ is the fact that I keep forgetting the HUMONGOUS AMOUNTS of styles that are involved.. with coding programs.

Now, my goal is to develop an app (preferbly game. mm.. classic RPG/Adventure style) and it just looks like a far way to go.

I just want to say this on here that all the game devs are amazing. No matter how they learnt all that crazy complex codings and sh** but man..

they are good.

Yeah.. I can't believe I'm ranting already on day 2 of my blog on GB but bear with me..

I'm getting there.. I'm getting there.


<Day1> - Persona 4 : Golden

I am almost finishing up this game.. currently I have three personas which I can't remember their name of .. (they are japanese.. please understand)

The most favorite part/arc of mine so far in this game was Rise's. There are some reasons behind this but it's so embarrassing to say them..

oh well. Here it goes.

[Rise is the prettiest girl in this game. I thought Yukiko was, but when Rise showed up, I was like, hell, she's is the one. She's playful, active and .. I mean.. she's just the girl for Yu! (well I named him Taylor in this game and regretted over and over.)]

To be honest, I wanted to end up having only one love interest and be faithful to her but.. Yu ended up being such a bastard (in real life at least..) haha.

Okay.. enough of this love story...

The battles been overall easy, (I can't remember what I chose for level of difficulty.. Maybe that's why it's been so easy..?)

Actually, I don't want to admit it but Chie has been the best supporter/team member so far. Her persona is just so strong.

On the other hand, Yu, myself, is pretty weak when it comes to "attack". I have a wooden bat (200 ATTK) , and I don't think it beats Chie's shoes or Yosuke's .. Yosuke's .. whatever they are called.

However, just because Yu is the main character of the story (I assume) when it comes to "instant kill" skill, Yu is the best man.

Persona 4: Golden is a great game. It made me hold the PS Vita for long.. and putting my programming book aside.

Now it's time to shake off the dust on my book and study again.. haha

Buh-Bye =]