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@turboman: Remember how fucking God awful the internet was to her? I would have hid too.

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Is it possible to send mail to players on your friends list without visiting their town?

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@Hailinel: The implicit design of something has little to do with how it is actually used. I get enjoyment from running a slick ar15 in 3 gun competition the same as a porche gt3 owner gets enjoyment from taking his car out on track days. An irresponsible or unstable person could use my 3 gun rig to hurt or kill people, and irresponsible person in a porche gt3 speeding on a highway could cause an accident and hurt or kill people.

A responsible driver won't kill anyone by driving their car unless there is an accident. A responsible gun owner could still injure or kill, based on the nature of their occupation.

While it might seem farfetched, it's not impossible for someone to be against the idea of funding a gun manufacturer with their own money (where profits go to the publisher/developer that licensed the rights to the models) while also buying and playing video games that prominently feature gun use.

I can understand not wanting your money to go to a weapons manufacturer if you aren't into the whole gun thing. People just need to realize that licenses for firearms are the same as licenses for anything else, some money has changed hands to have that thing appear in a game.

People do realize that and they're disgusted by it. That's kind of what this whole thing is about. A bit of reading comprehension would do you well.

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That Anamanguchi shit. What a loathsome, unremarkable assault to my ears.

Chiptunes, man.

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@Bell_End: Brad and Jeff said that they don't like FF7. Cue butthurt.

It's the vehemence they use to denounce it, like it came to their house and murdered their grandmother.

This is what gamers lose sleep over.

God, what a putrid subculture.

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All is forgiven if Nintendo would translate and drop Mother 3 on the god damn eShop.

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This actually sounds pretty cool. Hopefully, and unlike what Minecraft turned into, it is. For me, anyway.

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@Alex_Carrillo: A bit late to the conversation, but I did say that if you hate people and choose not to listen/watch/play media by certain people simply because they're assholes, that's your prerogative, but then I questioned why you read the article at all. That's somewhere on page 2 or 3 of the comments, I think. But most directors ARE assholes; unless you're a Spielberg fan, your favorite director is probably an asshole, whether he's a genius like Coppola or Hitchcock or not.

I honestly don't care if people buy things made by dicks unless we're talking Mel Gibson levels of terrible. I was just dickishly picking on one of your sentences.

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Gamers are morons. They're a bunch of troglodytic imbeciles, stuck in their own little gamer bubbles underneath their parent's homes where real world shit doesn't affect them. It's depressing.

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I'll play one of his games when he stops calling himself Suda 51.

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This sounds like it'll end up feeling very similar to No More Heroes. Hard to get that excited.

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CheapyD said Suda51 is huge asshole.

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Cheapy D from Cheapassgamer lives in Japan and is friends with the grasshopper game devs. They all say Suda is a complete dick and they honestly wish he was dead.

Well, then fuck Cheapy D and his friends if they wish he was dead. That's a fucked up thing to say. He's a game designer, and a weird one that fashions himself an auteur. If we hate auteurs for being assholes, you better not listen to John Lennon, any member of Pink Floyd, just about any rapper ever, you better not buy games from Capcom, and you better not watch movies made by James Cameron, Michael Bay, Christian Bale, Mel Gibson, or, well, most filmmakers. Calm your tits.

Wait, we can't hate people for being assholes?

And just fyi, I don't watch movies made by James Cameron, Michael Bay, or Mel Gibson. Because they're assholes.

Hate to break this to you but most directors are giant assholes so there's a good chance your favorite director is also a dick.

As for Suda, he's pretty much the most creative guy in the games industry so it doesn't shock or bother me that he's kind of an asshole.

No he isn't.