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I don't like Phil Fish but even I think he didn't deserve that.

@bollard: it's a quote from this blog from the ex-boyfriend of Zoe Quinn, whom she cheated on with 5 guys

It's a way to say that Phil Phish was doxxed as a result of his support to Zoe

This is the first time I heard about this whole Zoe Quinn business. That's why I thought the actual Five Guys was referenced in the doxx and not this.

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If "random non-premium trolls" really that big of a problem then sure, but right now, I don't think it is.

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How can even call yourself a premium member with only a sliver medal? Us, Gold medals shouldn't even be put into the same category as those cheapskate slivers. (This is a joke)

It is a joke but a lot of Silvers actually pay more than Golds. Lots of people have golds from those sales.

Now I really want to know who the real GB 1% is.

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I know that feeling.

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@zelyre said:

I liked how Attack on Titan started. It had an interesting premise. And then it kind of turned into Evangelion to me. Your dad did something craaazy and secret and now young teenage male, you have access to a beast to fight the beasts that threaten humanity. But... BAZURKER! Also, Religious reference, just because... how mysterious!

I watched the whole series. I appreciated that it never degraded itself to Mikasa being fan serviced and I actually rather liked her as a character. It was campy, but the action was good, and at the end, I would have watched more.

Turned into Evangelion? Religious reference? What are you even talking about? Seriously, I want to know.

Also, Mikasa is probably the most shallow character of the whole show. She's worse than Eren.

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I can't wait for the Quick Look. I bet it will be really... good.

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Good night, Vietnam...


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@gaspower said:

Has anybody here started watching Zankyo no Terror/Terror in Resonance? Its really good...really fucking good.

I did. It is really good, although so far the girl and her storyline doesn't feel like a part of the whole thing.

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Also, Working!!' has a third season upcoming. I'm excited. I'm sad the manga is ending this December tho...

I'm just hoping they'll go through all the material.

Wait, a third season?!