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Is it bad that as a Hungarian I did not watch the race?

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I never had any problems with the original Mako. Sometimes it was a pain in the ass, but generally it was fine. The customization option for the new one sounds awesome. Hopefully they will make the new Mako as meaningful as the ship was in AC4.

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I don't...

If this goes on like this, Kill la Kill will have a hard time defending its top position on my AOTY list.

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Willis. Yippee Ki Yay, motherfucka!

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Two Best Friends Play is the only one I watch on a semi-regular basis.

@marokai said:

Patrick Boivin from Two Best Friends Play, probably, if I had to pick a single person.

Pat's last name is Boivin? I did not know that.

Out of those four Pat is my favorite.

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So... how many hours in the ballpit?

I may not know what Yogscast is, but I do know this reference.

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@jadegl: @truthtellah: Thanks for the replies.

Considering I don't really participate in threads that discuss such topics and when I do I almost always say something dumb with zero value whatsoever, my perspective might be lackluster and/or flawed. When I said things look worse than before, I had the negative elements in mind and not the positive ones, so that could be responsible for that too.