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Weird, Jeff's name is spelled right.

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Looking at the Gamespot Now Playing it doesn't seem to have a fuel gauge at all, it just crashes if you fly too high.

Danny flew way longer than 20 seconds and everything was fine, so it has nothing to do with fuel. Even during the Quick Look it was pretty obvious that it's an altitude thing. Looks like the fuel gauge exists only in Jeff's mind.

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It looks like there are only 29 people that gave the current version (the one with the DLC available) a one star review. That's a pretty fucking solid ratio in the YouTube "Like/Dislike" era of reviewing content. Don't see why this needed an article. I'm happy to know there's DLC for this game though.

So either most of the 1-star reviews have somehow been deleted since the devs originally complained, or Patrick did very little fact checking on this story besides seeing the tweet put out by Mode7.

Either way, I'm disappointed in Patrick. It's rare that his articles are this kneejerk.

Maybe that's why there was no indication about the number of 1-star reviews or a screenshot like this one in the article? Or maybe there was not this many 5-star ratings when the article was published? Either way, not very factual editorial piece.

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The Revolver Oestricelot one looks really cool. Might be my new favorite.

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The Bomb looks in the wrong direction. Really awesome design, though.

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This is the kind of movie I want him to do.

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Whichever you choose, you'll have a great time. And both of them takes a good while to beat, too.

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So I'm not really a comic book guy but I know the basics.

Who is Ultron and what is his shtick? Like his unique power/ability whatever.

Artificial intelligence with robotic body; abilities vary with each redesign but generally include extreme durability and energy projection.

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That blond guy is Quicksilver and the girl is Scarlet Witch, I presume.