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That sucks. The only thing I can recommend right now is playing some great video games. That will cheer you up (hopefully.)

Stay strong, Jeff.

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@mezmero said:

It's such a bummer that JoJo's going on hiatus because goddamn that show is amazing. I love how they do the intro with actual sound effects for every season finale and they end this portion with an awesome cliffhanger. I say this again and again but the real stars are all the bizarre villains sprinkled throughout the adventure. A lot of them feel like homages to horror movies in the best possible way. The protagonists are good too (Joseph is fantastic) but they are very much relics of that 90's trend of comic characters with bad-ittude. It hasn't done anything to change my mind on Jotaro being my least favorite JoJo. It should speak to the overall quality of the series' main characters that he's still fairly badass. It just gets crazier from here.

So far Jotaro is my least favorite JoJo too. Jonathan was too much of a gentleman, too naively nice. Joseph on the other hand, pretty much the polar opposite. He's creative, lovably dickish and places himself before honor. That's why he's my favorite so far. I think there's a comparison that could be made between JoJo's BA and Assassin's Creed in terms of protagonists. Jotaro is like Connor (stoic and serious) and Joseph is Edward Kenway (puckish rogue.)

Also, Stardust Crusaders' real protagonist is Polnareff. He had the most screentime, fought the most with other Stand users and has an actual character arc.

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P4GA - Hah, all of them died and we got a Game Over screen. This is great. I haven't thought we will see something like this.

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Yes, that would kill the forums once and for all.

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I did when Small Business Man was still alive. Since his untimely demise, the ads are not really that funny.

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Randomly clicking on this thread has reminded me that the P4G Animation is a thing that exists. It's not very good, right? I thought the original animation wasn't amazing or anything, but it had its moments (usually revolving around the protagonist being this deadpan weirdo).

The Adachi episodes were great. Everything else is Persona fanservice, pretty much. Oh, and there's also Marie. Almost forgot about her.

Barakamon - I feel Hina deserves more screen time.

Hina > Naru

Akame_ga_Kill! 10 ~ He escaped from the raid jaegers

also dog thing and crazy girl

Fucking crazy girl and that thing can suck a dick! *cough* Pardon my language.

Lots of fanservice in this episode. Her boobs are ridiculously huge (and shiny)! Even bigger than Leone's!

But there were cool moments. Like when Wave transformed or... Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have used plural in that sentence.

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Who cares about Goro?

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I liked it?