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I just came here to say that Ninja Slayer is a work of yee-art and it is the best new show of the season so far. That's it... Bye.

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#3 or #5. But I would be fine with any of them, really.

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I bet he was a nice guy. RIP

What a stark contrast between this and the Suge thread.

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Hmm, jokes aside, I think I heard that one before.

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To me, him being gay didn't add or took away anything from his character. And I don't think he needs to be labeled as a representation of anything. He's just Dorian. I liked him because he was a charming bastard and his banter with the others was great.

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...You have Cassandra, whom I think is a fantastic character, but not in the least bit attractive...

I will fight you... to the death.

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Her reaction to the Ken or Ryu question was the best part. "Get the fuck out of my face with that shit, kid! I'm maining motherfuckin' Cammy, bitch!"

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American anime games are the worst kind of anime games.

Katawa Shoujo was pretty good for what it was.

I don't think I can name any American anime games.

By the way, Katawa Shoujo was a collaboration work between people from different countries, wasn't it?

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Is it bad that I think Sera is cute? And even if I wouldn't feel that way about her, I would certainly not call her 'ugly'. Aside from her being a little crazy, she's a fairly normal girl.

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Hi, I would like to join whatever clan I can. Thanks in advance.

Name: AlexanderSheen