Angry Rant!

After I got done with my classes for the day, I went out to my car to drive home. And what did I find attached to my windshield? A ticket. What could this possibly be, I have done nothing wrong here? So first off:

 For the record I am parked within all the lines perfectly

Do you see anything wrong here?
So I inspect the ticket and I see that I have gotten a 15$ ticket for "parking against the flow of traffic." 
Alright I thought, yes I am, and this is a crime? I scanned the parking lot and saw other cars doing the same thing as me, and low and behold all of them had tickets as well. 
So really what the fuck am I doing wrong? This isn't illegal. If you go to a target or a mall or anything else like this, you will not find a ticket on your windshield. Why? Because ITS NOT FUCKING ILLEGAL!!! I don't care that it's only 15$, it's the principle. Honestly no where in the entire parking lot does it say you can not do this, and I was never alerted of this when buying my parking pass. Sure, ignorance isn't an excuse, but honestly how the fuck was I to know? All my life I have been parking like this and I HAVE NEVER heard of anyone being punished for it. And really what am I doing wrong? I am within my space. I am not obstructing anyone else's spot. Nothing about me being parked in that direction has any unusual effects than just parking in the other direction. So what the fuck? Seriously this pisses me off. Has our economy got so bad that colleges have to nickel and dime people for not doing anything wrong. I'm already paying for your god damn tuition and books, What do you want from me? seriously my school is run by a bunch of fucking Nazi's I swear. But honestly what is wrong with this? Theoretically it is more efficient than the other way. All I have to do is put it into Drive and turn left, instead of putting it in reverse and backing out. Backing out you run the risk of hitting something because of blindspots, or getting in a fender bender with another car. This literally is the safest way to pull out. But you say, "Ohh but its in the wrong direction of traffic." Big fucking deal, I just turn the wheel to the left and pull out. WHERE IS THE FUCKING CRIME HERE????? 
Needless to say I am going to go in tomorrow and ask to see the highest up official and complain to him. I am going to bitch the fuck out of him, just for allowing this stupid bullshit to happen. We shouldn't be punished for doing something we do every week in other places. 
Look I know this doesn't apply to anyone but me, but I need to vent. URRRRGGGG!!!!!!!!!!

The Dirt Whispered

Wow, it’s been a while. Yes I’m still alive, I just have been very busy lately and this is really the first night of the school year that I have a ton of down time and I have a lot on my mind, so I thought I’d share. I’m doubting anyone’s going to read this on account of me not reading theirs, but whatever.

Music: So last weekend I bought my first CD since probably ’s Minutes to Midnight. I don’t normally buy CD’s considering I can just get them off itunes, but I do buy them when I really like the band. Anyway I bough the new Rise Against CD, Appeal To Reason. So far I am really liking it. It is a lot softer than prior albums, but it still has some great songs with meaningful messages. Heck you even get a free PETA sticker with it, lol. But yeah so far I am enjoying it a lot.

Games: Since I have been so busy, I haven’t had a lot of time to play games, but I still manage to squeeze in about an hour of Gears of War a night, I know sad right. But something awesome happened today. An earth shattering event for my life. Secret of Mana for the SNES, was released on the VC. In my opinion it is the greatest game of all time, and it is by far my favorite. This game has nostalgia all over it for me, and I hold a special place in my heart for the game. It’s just one of those things that reminds you of child hood and how good life was back then. Not to say that lifes not good right now, but yeah you get the point. So I downloaded that today and I spent the rest of my night playing it. I never owned the game, I only rented it about a thousand times. I never beat it either, but I have played it for close to 25 hours back in the day I would say (ooo rhyme). So yeah life is pretty much complete for me. Also about 2 weeks ago, Super Mario RPG was release which is another one of my favorite games. So now I have a reason to dust off my Wii for once. I sort of want my school to blow up, which would allow me to sit at my house playing those games none stop. I just don’t have the time is my problem. So I have been playing those. Things to look forward to that I am either going to buy or rent: GH:WT, Prince of Persia, Shawn White Snowboarding, Dead Space, Fallout 3, Fable 2, Silent Hill: Homecoming, Mirror’s edge, and a bunch more that I can’t think of. Damn I need a job, lol. I think I might have to subscribe to gamefly.


We Are Godzilla, You Are Japan

Hey guys, sorry I have been sort of inactive lately. School takes up quite a bit of time and any free time goes to Rock Band 2 basically. Anyway I am trying to be more active and talk on the forums and such so hopefully I can.

Life: So my fight with my friend is still going on, sort of, I guess? Yeah we haven’t spoken since, and I guess I am fine with it. It’s one of the most awkward situations ever. We seriously have all the same friends, go to the same places, and have the same classes. So we are always around each other, we just have this unspoken thing that we aren’t going to talk to each other. I sit at the same table as him, and we enter the same conversations with out actually directly talking to each other. Yes, it is very weird and I wish it wouldn’t be this stupid, but I have no reason to make up because I am not the one being a douche bag.

So two banks have tanked in one week and lucky me, my dad’s bank who he works for, is supposedly the next one to die or be bought out. That bank is Washington Mutual. It really sucks because my dad is a very hard worker and it’s a terrible circumstance that he is involved with that might get him laid off. This would probably mean that I would have to GET a job, and Christmas would suck. My house is very tense right now and my Mom is just constantly blaming the economy on Bush. I tend to stay away from politics, but I am sort of leaning towards Obama. I don’t want another “Bush” in the office and a change would be nice. Plus if McCain dies I do NOT want Pailan to be our President. She is very stupid and inexperienced. She dances around every question and isn’t very articulate. How do you even become considered to be a Vice President when you don’t know what the Bush Doctrine is? Enough of my politic bullshit.

Games: Rock Band 2 came out and I am in heaven. I loved Rock Band 1 and the second iteration is no different. I have probably already played about 15 hours and it is so fun. The set list is awesome. It has a bunch of songs that I don’t know by name, but when I hear the song, I’m like “Oh I Know This Song!!!!” It keeps happening and its really cool. All the new features are appreciated and fun. I still haven’t scratched the surface of the playability, so I am excited to unlock all the songs and get better. Side Note: I am ranked around 40 in the world for this Panic at the Disco Song at the moment. I don’t like the song, but I have found a great path and I can still improve. So basically that’s all I have played. I have been playing a little Gears of War (as I always do), but Rock Band 2 is sucking up my time.

Giantbomb: The site got a redesign (V.3) and I am loving it. The guides section is awesome considering since it seems like everyone wants to contribute including me.

Thanks for reading, and leave me some comments.


Ready, Set, Explode

Hey guys, I know I haven’t been on a lot, I have just started school and it’s taking up most of my time. I am now into my second week of school and I am really enjoying my senior year. I have late arrival first period so I get to sleep in an extra hour which is a huge bonus for me, and my classes are really cool.

So last night I was playing Gears of War with two of my friends, one being a really good friend, and the other more of an acquaintance. Anyway it was nearing 12:30 and it was my last game. We played a pretty cocky team that we could have beat, but one of our guys quit so it was 3 vs. 4. Anyway long story short, I sort of got into a fight with my really good friend. We usually switch off on sniper (we were playing a fuel depot), but as the match was nearing the end I said let me get sniper. He said no, that’s not a very good idea. I thought it was his usual jokes, but this one touched a little bit of a nerve. I replied with what do you mean. He basically told me I suck and couldn’t snipe for shit. This is very surprising to me because the previous night I had 5 headshots with the sniper in one match which is as good as he usually does. So I let it go for a while but then he starts talking mad trash again. See I had already muted another player on the opposing team for being loud and obnoxious. He was so loud I could hear him from other people’s microphones after I had muted him. So at the time I was in last place and not having the best game ever but I still had 10 kills and Casey had 14. The guy on the other team was talking to Casey and talking shit for no reason even though we were down a player. The usual you guys are trash, you suck, get raped, etc. were spewed out as expected. But then he says “your person in last place is trash”. Obviously he would attack the person with the least amount of kills on the team even though I had ten and had more than 2 players on the other team. Casey responds, I would have to agree with you there. He thought that I couldn’t hear him because of the muting, but I heard it loud and clear.

So after the round was over I said “Casey for the record, I could hear everything you just and I would appreciate it if you would stop talking so much trash about me.” He replies “no I will not.” Probably in the most annoying and condescending voice ever. So I explode on him. “Casey, why do you talk so much trash man?” He replies again in a condescending snotty voice “because I can”. By that time I have just lost it. “Casey why do you act like your so fucking good at sniper, you obviously aren’t” “I’m better than you with it” “Yeah I don’t play this game every day for 5 hours fag” (because he does). “Whatever” “You talk all this trash like you are the leader of the team and you are the best, but your just a cocky little bitch” “I’m better than you” “That’s why you got last place the game before (he had 6 kills on a gridlock)” “I don’t have to try, I don’t have to try (wtf does that mean haha)” “okay so stop being so cocky then if you can’t back it up” “call it what you will but I’m still better than you”

The match ends and I turn off the Xbox and go to bed. I was literally steaming. I was fucking angry as shit. So angry in fact I went down stairs and wrote him a long message on myspace about how he was a terrible friend and person altogether. I ask him what his problem with me is and why he talks so much trash? I could post the message if you want, but it’s something that won’t make a lot of sense since you don’t know him in person. Anyway he sends me back a poorly written message that basically says that he is not sorry for being mean to me, and he said he acts like that to everyone (which is a lie). I could also post this if you want. So I send him another messages diffusing all his statements and further concluding why he is an asshole to me for no reason. So now I’m just pissed off. It’s so awkward because I have classes with him and I see him all the time. I hope we can be friends and maybe he could hint at an apology for being so mean for no reason. I doubt that because it seems like he never changes. Sorry for such the long read I am just really angry. Tell me what you think or advice you can give me. Thanks for reading.


The Sound of Madness

So I just got back from a Shinedown Concert and it was Fucking Amazing. They really put on a good show and I hope they come back. They played with a band called Lucid and another called Jet Black Stare. I had never heard of them, but they were decent. The singer is cool. His voice is the same as it is on the CD’s so none of that fake sounding bullshit. They are really good instrumentally and their drummer is awesome. He has hella long dreads. I was in the mosh pit and did my fair share of moshing so now I’m tired and I’m not going to right a lot. This is my second concert of the summer/year my first being bullet for my valentine which was also awesome. On my way back home I tried to switch lanes, but this rogue car somehow got right behind me and I had to swerve, speed up, get in his lane, and all before I came to the light. Well I did so, but as luck would have it the light turned red while I had my head turned around. So I slammed on my breaks and went like 20% of the way into the intersection. Lol people honked at me and I felt a little stupid, but nothing happened. I also saw a police man talking to a prostitute and he probably eventually busted her. It was pretty funny. Now my ears are ringing and all I can think about is my last of summer tomorrow. Great way to end my summer. Well leave me some comments and thanks for reading. AlexB


The Funniest Thing Just Happened

I know two blogs in one day that's kind of a cardinal sin, but I just had to share. Btw this doesn't mean you shouldn't still comment on my other blog lol. Anyway...

So I’m sitting playing some rock band and getting in the top 500 for a couple of songs on guitar,  in my basement when my brother comes out of his room and says to me that some kids just rang the doorbell and ran away. He goes to college here so he just lives with us for now.  Knowing how stupid little 12 year old kids are he says let's go out and wait for them to come back because they always come back to check on their work. So we go out the back door and wait around the house. Not a minute after we get outside they come back (idiots). We were in the shadows so we were basically invisible. There was like six of them walking down the street. They had the nerve, the audacity to do it again. Very big mistake. My brother and I come running out screaming and swearing and literally scared the shit out of them. They all were so startled it took them about 3 seconds to start running. By that time we were like 10 feet away. As we came out of the backyard this kid who was knocking on the window makes a B line for the street and collides with my brother unknowingly. My brother saw him though and pushed his faggot ass, almost making him fall to the pavement, but he regained composure after almost falling. We chased them for about 2 blocks (not intending to harm them...sort of) and we were always like 10 feet behind them and if we were trying to catch them we surely could have. But we stopped after 2 blocks just enough to scare them. So needless to say I just had to share because it was way fucking funny. Stupid little 12 years olds. Now I’m just afraid of them egging my car.


My 360 is Officially Dead

The Red Rings finally won their battle today August 26, 2008 and my 360 is officially dead. It saddens me a bit, but I do have a spare 360 in the mean time until mine gets fixed so it’s not all bad. But it still pretty much sucks. It’s retarded, the first time I start it up it gives me a preemptive red ring. I shut it off and then turn it back on. It works, but then a minute later it slaps me with another set. Then you turn it off and turn it back on and it just keeps happening. I first received my red rings around Halo 3’s release. It went away for a long time, but then came back a couple of months ago. It has teased me for a while now, being a problem, then going away, then coming back and turning off my xbox during a match of Gears. But now finally it is dead. So I called xbox help line and some Indian dude that barely spoke a word of English muttered out, call back in two hours. It’s a little frustrating to say the least. So I have no idea what’s going to happen next, so for now I will mourn my fallen xbox. =(


Am I A Terrible Person?

So I have some family friends the my Dad knows because it's his best friend and insurance agent or something like that. One of the members of the family has disabilities. He's not mentally retarded, but he's not all there. He has muscle issues or something that prevents him from functioning perfectly. One day i started receiving emails via myspace from him asking how i was doing. So i thought i would talk to him just to be nice. The thing is he is like 23 and I'm 18. It's sort of awkward because i've never really talked to him. So eventually he asks me if I have any form of messenger. So i tell him i use MSN messenger and he sends me a friend request. So i add him and we talk a lot.  Any time he gets on messenger he immediately talks to me. That is fine and all, but then he starts asking me for my phone number and if i have texting. I know he's mentally challenged and all but it still feels awkward. I give him the phone number and i am very scared that he will call. I start avoiding his IM messages because it becomes increasingly awkward for me. Am I a bad person for doing this? I know he means no harm by doing this, but again it seems awkward and like its pushing a boundary that doesnt want to be pushed. I would have liked to keep it strictly IM, but now its just gotten all weird. What are you're thoughts? Please give me an honest opinion because I feel kinda bad, yet worried about him calling me all the time.


The Handsome Life of Swing

Hey guys quick blog today (I hope). So I have just learned some pretty awesome news that will affect my bank account, but it is for the best. Two big pieces of news that are very important to me.

First off, I was sort of on the fence about getting Guitar Hero: World Tour. There are a lot of great bands on the game that have been announced so far, but none that solidified the deal, until now. Confirmed today, Lostprophets- Rooftops WILL be in the game. Lostprophets have been my favorite band for a long time now and I guess you could say I’m obsessed. So obviously when I heard the news this my *Head exploded* I am so stoked now. It’s by far NOT their best song, despite its popularity, but I don’t care. As long as it’s Lostprophets I love it. I will play this song on all instruments like 1000 times and love it. I’m so excited I’m giddy.

Now this is were the whole scheme fits together perfectly. I have Rock Band and I plan on getting Rock Band 2, but the thing is I only have one guitar. I have always wanted another one so I could have a full band at my house and not have to borrow my friends guitar. Well today I learned there will be a separate Guitar Hero: World Tour bundle that includes the Game and a Guitar for $90. So I will have Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero: World Tour, and a full band for each game for only $150 total. But most of all I will have my favorite band. I am SO EXCITED. Lol, so I had a good day to say the least.

Expect a Bionic Commando: Rearmed review in the near future, I just have to finish the game. It’s a good game to its credit, but I do think there are some control issues that keep it from being perfect. I can see why someone (Jeff) would think its perfect by feeling so much nostalgia for the original. But I never played the original and I just don’t feel the same way as he does. Thanks for reading, and thanks for all of your comments they are greatly appreciated. So continue the trend and comment more lol.

The Handsome Life of Swing- Lostprophets


Braid Review (Wall of Text)

*Before you read just know I did this review abstractly and it is very different from other styles of review. Read to get a general impression of the whole package, instead of separate parts*


Braid; a peculiar specimen. A truly melancholy experience that so much can’t be assigned a score, but really just dissected. Jonathon Blow’s undertaking is a weird dive into an extremely ambiguous tale of one man’s search for the princess. I am still in bewilderment of what has just happened. I just finished the game and I just had to write down something. This could be considered a review, but it’s so hard to critique this game it’s a little unfair to the critic. Anyway I’ll just start in.

Oh dear lord where do I begin. You know what I am just going to cut the shit and just say it. Braid is a good game. I am not going to go on and on about the game and then finally come to a conclusion. The game is a good game, but it has so many ‘things’ about it, it is just hard to say why it is good and what is wrong. Now let’s get this straight, there are definitely things wrong, but these complaints shouldn’t be misconstrued as stupidity. Yes, I am not the smartest person ever, but you have to either be the most well read person on the face of the earth to piece the game together, or you have to be some sort of savant. I think it’s funny and ironic that a puzzle game can end up being so puzzling. I know two intros I’ll start.


When I look at Braid I see it as more of a package than a sum of its parts. It’s really something that has to be looked at as a whole because if you are only in it for one thing you will be a little disappointed. To contradict what I just said I will tell you how the game plays. The game plays out as a platformer on the surface, but at its core is a puzzle game that tests your logic of newfound properties of time. The game rips all your prior knowledge of bending time and implements a fresh new take on them, and it really makes you retrain your brain. Your main task is really to reach the end of the level, but along the levels there are puzzle pieces that you can (and should) collect. Really if you aren’t doing so you have wasted fifteen dollars on a game where you walk. The game gives frequent subtle nods to the super Mario series and plays a lot like it. You must use enemies and other variables of the levels to traverse platforms to reach keys and puzzle pieces. The real point of the gameplay is to unlock the ending. And just recently I have learned the unlocked ending really isn’t the ‘real’ ending. I’ll save that for later though. Anyway, you traverse 6 worlds with around 45 levels that all are unique and really fun. Every world incorporates a new type of time bending and it always feels fresh and never repetitive.  I know I am not doing the best job at highlight the gameplay attributes but it’s because I am still a little confused on the whole package. Sorry I apologize. Here: The gameplay is really fun. It’s rewarding and it makes you feel like a genius when you figure out all the puzzles. All the puzzles are ‘possible’ but at times it feels like they are quite the opposite. They are damn frustrating and sometimes you really have no clue. Sometimes when you learn the trick to the problem its kind of a slap to the face like “why didn’t I think of that” and other times it’s the most intricate “who the hell would figure that out” kind of task that makes you a little bit angered. Overall though the gameplay is rewarding and does not disappoint in anyway. The only real thing I could complain about is that since the game is pretty short the ways you manipulate time are sort of limited. While unique and innovative they are pretty scarce. Also this might be a little cliché, but it would have been nice to get a mixture of all the worlds together.

I’m sort of having an internal conflict right now…. I usually right structured reviews, but this game is so different that I don’t think said structure would suit this game. I think I am just going to speak abstractly and leave the gameplay paragraph as it is. Sorry again….


Braid is truly a sight to behold. It’s not something to marvel at extensively, but the art style is very original and is just fun to look at. It complements the story and feeling so well in this game. It really brings the whole package together. All the art has this sort of fluffy blushed out style to it. It is soft and very warm. The music also matches the graphics and the overall melancholy and malaise of the game. Let’s get this straight here; this game is not very happy. It is more something that you tilt your head and look at like a confused child, and try to analyze some sort of meaning out of it. The music is orchestral and it uses an abundance of sad violin play. The art, the music, and the story, heck even the gameplay all fit perfectly together. I realize this article is going to be huge so I’ll spare you with an in-depth story paragraph, but the general synopsis is: A guy named Tim, had a relationship that went bad, and he tries to fix it by finding the princess. Without spoiling anything, but still talking about the story, the story is very ambiguous and vague and I am sorry to say, but it kind of is braid’s downfall. I think the writer must have realized that he wasn’t suppose to write a novel (which would be a great extension) and had to make things more general. Being vague is a great technique to make the audience ponder, and I am all for that, but Braid takes it to another level, and it kind of leaves you with a sour taste by the end. They leave you with little snippets of Tim’s past and present, but never really clue you in on what’s going on. I have read a ton of articles on the true meaning of Braid, but all just reaffirm the notion, that it is vague that nothing is clear. There is obviously an overarching meaning to everything, but you have to really dissect every bit of dialogue and happening, to the point where it’s just a bit ridiculous. It kind of angers me because I love the premise and everything, but he does everything a little wrong. Either he should have focused on gameplay and lessened on the complexities of the story and made it all come together in the end. Or he should have kept the amount of gameplay, but extended the story to give a little more into what the hell he is talking about. Overall it just makes the game feel incomplete. It’s not something that you are begging for more and it doesn’t overstay its welcome, but I feel like it’s a little mean to do that. It would be like if you knew the ending to a movie, you just didn’t get why it happened because your DVD player exploded when they were explaining things at the end. Perhaps I am just not smart enough understand the subtle nuances of the story, but I seriously doubt any casual gamer, let alone anyone will completely understand the game. The ending is nice and everything it just has a ton of unanswered questions. Any explanations in your head just have way too many holes to seem plausible.


Braid does a tremendous amount things well, and overall succeeds as the game it was meant to be. But it does fall short in its main area which keeps it from being perfect or fawned over. I am sure it will develop a cult following and it does provide enough questions to ponder over. I do think it is a game that is worth checking out if you do have the money. If you are short on cash don’t stress on getting it. You can live without it, but I think you will be better off by experiencing it. I came into Braid with an open mind and I knew I was going to review it. I just didn’t realize it would be such a hard process. It’s really not something that can be represented numerically or even by discussing. It’s a matter of personal opinion. I would say if you are looking for something fresh, completely new, and something that can be looked at abstractly I would recommend. But if you are into shooting aliens and you don’t really care for story and Video Games as art (and vice versa) I would stay away. Mainly if you are considering purchasing it, have an open mind, be prepared for a different style of story, and enjoy the gameplay. If you expect too much out of all its parts you will feel disappoint. But as a whole, Braid does a nice job of breaking the norm, and imprinting itself into the memories of gamers. 4/5
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