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Sales of this game are already dead.

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Why don't those characters have feet?


Liefeldian Arthritis.  Most common in the super hero business. 
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Possibly the hand held game of the year.  Absolutely amazing game.

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I'm not gonna complain about more content, but as they say at the start of the video this is pretty much scraping the bottom of the barrel. Makes me think it might be time to come up with a new feature to fill these dull times.

Would be a nice time for a new endurance run, would get me to subscribe again....Just saying.

Endurance Run Xenoblade

I applaud Patrick. He's the hardest working guy in the business.

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Getting ready for Jeff's 5/5 review.

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I didn't understand what Ron meant when he was discussing his ideas for the wiiU. Does he think the gamepad is like a portable device you can bring with you?

Yeah I think that's what he was thinking. He's probably not technically involved anymore so a fair error to make I guess. Not like Nintendo has been that good at telling what it is.

Even if he's not technically involved anymore that's still kinda sad and might explain why the WiiU version does nothing special besides having "Pictures of the characters you can press". But true on the Nintendo part, if even Developers don't know what what the WiiU does different compared to the Wii, it says a lot about Nintendo's way to market the damn thing.

It also shows how stupid the developer is.

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Game looks awesome. Also iOS and being cheap does promise sales at all. I know Gunman Clive has sold more on 3DS than on iOS.

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Oh so it's the Patrick show now? On Patrickbomb?

At least we are getting some type of content.