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Solid 0

You will be hardpessed to find a fighting game to date on next gen systems that can rival this one. Easy to get into but hard to truly master, it caters to casual and hardcore, with a roster guaranteed to have a character that you will want to use to beat the hell out of someone else. There are tons of titles and icons, costumes and taunts to collect to keep you playing for ages. Now here are the little problems. No story mode, makes offline, a "head to training mode/trial mode, beat arcade mode...

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So close. 0

When I watched Adam Jensen become the futuristic Million Dollar man, I believed he would be the scariest thing for enemies when he appeared. Not so much. Adam is a glass cannon, he can not take damage, and if you get cornered with no ammo or takedowns (You are playing wrong) then you have only one choice...become a bullet sponge. But hey! This game's story, awesome upgrades, colourful cast (the characters look like they are having a fit while talking to you at times and at times one or two seem ...

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A flawed but fun game. 0

The game has flaws; a few bugs in the abilities (I use the ability to be invisible and the enemies still fill me with lead). BUT, the story is akin to a true spy film, with twist and turns everywhere, and reprecussions for almost everything you do (do you kill this guy and lose information that can make another mission easier or do you let him go and risk the lives of millions, believe it or not that is actually one of the options). The combat is not the best nor is it it the worst, with an asso...

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I will be honest... 0

This is a great game, it has beautifully hand drawn sprites, a great story mode (not close to Mortal Kombat 9's story mode but it is still a great ride, street fighter 4 AE does not even have one), and customization. It has the aesthetic's and also the substance. So why did I not give it 5 out of 5? Simple, the online was horrid (I might just have a poor connection when it comes to online fighting games), and the execution of the combos (again personally) made me feel like tossing it half way ac...

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