Good Night Giant Bomb. Did you have fun on your first day?

If this post seems extremely incoherent, I apologize. It's going on midnight here. I thought I'd wrap up Giant Bomb's first day.

It can be described with one word: chaos.

I started the day making several contributions. All of them are still pending.

I posted a bit on the forums from time to time. It seemed like it would be cool at first, but people don't seem to understand how it works, so I wrote an FAQ for the forums along with BoG and cann3dheat. You can see it here.

Now, the forums have dissolved into a bunch of crap. People spamming, posting extremely inappropriate topics, making multiple threads for the same things, etc. And there's no moderation to control it since all of the admin and mods are too busy accepting submissions.

Well, it's been a fun day, but I hope I don't wake up to absolute chaos in the morning. G'night and I hope you can survive the night, Giant Bomb!

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The Unoriginal Self Introduction to Giant Bomb - By Andrew Gaspar

Hey guys! I've been following Giant Bomb's progress closely for the past month now and I'm really excited about this new site launch! I've been moving around between different communities not sure if I'm going to stay. However, Giant Bomb has some of the best community features I've ever seen on a gaming website. I'd describe it like this:

Gamespot meets Wikipedia meets Facebook (nix teh biaz, easily changed articles, and Zombies vs. Ninjas)

I can't wait to get to know the community here and be involved. I've even found one of my friends from another website ( Both of us were banned, for dumb reasons (I got banned for rick rolling *facepalm*) and now we've got a new website to be involved on. I already have some neat ideas. My friend and I from school frequently get into gaming related debates on Facebook Chat and I was thinking of publishing those and calling it "Andrew vs. Anthony". I'll work on getting some of these debates up here for you guys to read and comment on.

I can't wait to get more involved with the community and get to know you all!

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