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#1 Posted by Andtheworld (33 posts) -

Getting it on Chrome and Firefox.

Wonder if it will happen on IE as well.

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I love how even though all this drama is happening, Vanillaware is enjoying a commercial and critical success and will probably pay very little to no attention to criticism (they're Japanese devs, after all). I, personally, can't wait to get this game and play it with friends.

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Game will sell well, and it already is doing so. One bad review wont change jack shit, since the people who held these opinions would never have bought this game, because guess what, shit just ain't meant to appeal to them.

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I'm personally not a fan of Phil, but man, this drama is just really silly. Just because you had a shouting match on Twitter doesn't mean you should run away crying because some idiots are mean to you. That and Phil is already notorious for inviting such a reaction from them.

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At this rate, I don't even want the game anymore. I just paid 15 dollars for a highly amusing documentary, which is fine by me. But the amount of fucks given about the game has reached zero.

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Can we stop giving these people attention? It's what they fucking wanted with the whole SHOCKING and OFFENSIVE statue.

It's dumb, much like all gaming swag. But hey, no one pays attention to the hugpillows and oppai mousepads that Japan makes, so I guess women don't feel objectified by that. But god help us if a corpse has big boobs.

Fuck all of this, I'm off to play some goddamn video games.

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Oh man, another article that will be forgotten in a month. It's like the booth babes thing all fucking over again - the community goes apeshit, and then forgets it ever happened.

Also, Twitter hashtags? Really? This shit is online petitions 2.0

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Don't think it would be many.

#9 Posted by Andtheworld (33 posts) -


Who the fuck is "we"? I'm not in the group of people who didn't like the game - hell, it's one of my GOTY contenders simply due to how great the combat was. I wanted to continue playing the game to see what monsters and challenges the game would throw at me. I'm sure glad that the game sold really well and that Capcom is going for the sequel.

Also, Reckoning was a single player MMO while Skyrim was a terrible RPG with the world's blandest combat system.

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Oh boy, Fish said something silly again.

As much as I hate MS for having such stupid costs, Phil really needs to think ahead. Unfortunately, it's one thing he isn't very good at.

Also, I will not be buying the game. No interest in supporting a guy who signs an exclusivity deal, bitches at all the other platforms and then goes running to said platforms when things get messy.

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