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Hey guys, I'm James, a 21 year old college student from Wisconsin. I'm almost entirely a PC gamer. I have XBL but I haven't touched it much in the past year or so. After this year I'm not reupping for XBL either, so I'll be full-time on Steam.

I recently entered into a youtube series with a few friends entitled "Gentlemen With Controllers". We've done primarily Let's Plays so far, but we're going to be expanding into other types of videos (Quick looks, achievement guides, etc.). Our website is www.GentlemenWithControllers.com. Please check us out!

If any of you ever want to play something, or just stop by and chat, feel free to hit me up!

XBOX Gamertag: Angreleperkan

Steam: Pastafarian, RabidPandaz, Aspen_Forest. I think my actual account is Angre_Leperkan439 or Angre_Leperkan, not sure.