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Crusader Kings II/common/cultures/00_cultures.txt

it's pretty much perfect.

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@csl316 said:

I'm rooting for awesome Mary because Dan is the WORST winner.

We'll have to hear about it for years!

Mary is the hero we deserve and need.

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@hailinel said:

@ll_exile_ll: That's disappointing. It seems like a waste of panel time to devote more than one slot to industry insiders playing games against each other. (See also: PAX Rumble)

There's a lot of wasted panel time in any given PAX though?

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I actually haven't watched any TV released this year.

I mean Brooklyn 99 is probably my favorite comedy ever made but that was technically last year :)

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@sawtooth said:

opening a random combination lock that wasn't locking anything, with no idea what the combination was.




I gotta know, what was the combination?

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Dan and Drew is the superior combination.

I hate metal gear, but I want to see them play all of metal gear

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lovely planet already saved FPS didn't it?

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Will they let you climb moss?

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So I've never played one of these games, but I saw the first one is out on the Wii U VC. Is it worth playing then?

2 is definitely the best starting point, 1 is very clunky; 2 and beyond has so much more customizing. Customizing your folder was the best part of the games imho.

Of course 1 is fine for what it is, just know that if you aren't completely sold 1 is definitely probably the second worst of the series besides 4.

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I feel like if they remade it now everyone's name would be like twitter or something