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Some great penalties to wash the mouth of those terrible penalties Brazil and Chile took

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This was going to be the year we broke the streak. This makes six World Cups in a row where Mexico is eliminated in the Round of 16. :'(

hey don't worry, the US will be joining you

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Costa Rica can beat Italy, England, they sure as shit can beat the Netherlands


edit; and greece

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that penalty was soft as hell, but Robben had an actual penalty that wasn't called in the first half so it wasn't necessarily undeserved.

I am sad, no more miguel herrera :(

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@lausebub said:

Brazil already peeing their pants. Colombia is 2 classes above them. Next weekend will be fun.

I think Brazil will comfortably win this. Chile was the team to beat. They impressed me a whole lot more than Colombia.

You are crazy, Colombia have been way more impressive.

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James again, lol

Uruguay goin home

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Brazil cannot beat Columbia. There is no possible way with them playing this poorly.

but goddamn I was extremely nervous

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How does Brazil not have someone better than Fred

in either skill or name

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I'm honestly thinking that Columbia will win. James Rodriguez has been the best player at this tournament imho.

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yay Algeria! Hopefully they will take revenge for 1982