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Comet sighted! 1

Okay, so I haven't actually finished a game yet; I've gotten to 1663 on an Savoy to Italy game, I've gotten to 1600 on a Crusader Kings 2 converted game where I created Finnish North America, and I've gotten to 1670 on an Omani game. I haven't gotten to the revolutionary part yet, or the colonial uprising part, but I know it hasn't changed much from EU3 so whatevs.Oman DANGSo, if you're not actually sure what this game is, it's a grand strategy game. It starts in the year of our lord 1444, and ...

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to endworld and beyond! 2

Zeno Clash 2 is a sequel to a game that I assumed would never get a sequel, because it was so goddamn weird and surrealistic and crazy. Lucky for me and the 499 other people who enjoyed it, it did! and luckily it's also pretty good.the game is a first person brawler with weird weapons from time to time, though it's never required, unlike in the first game where there were forced shooting sequences.So, at the end of the first game, Father-Mother is put into a jail by the one they call Golem; the ...

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excessive gore and excessive guilt 0

Hotline Miami made me feel guilty playing it. The last game I felt guilty playing was Nier (all y'all people who played Nier [all 5 of you] know what I mean), in fact. I think if you can make me feel guilty playing a game than you have achieved something great, regardless of how good the game is. Hotline Miami plays great, actually, which ties into the guilt in a way.You play as a guy who gets calls from people who tell him some obviously fake story. "Come down to (address), I need you to babysi...

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Crusadin ain't easy. 0

Now, I've not preordered any paradox interactive game because people on other forums usually say that's a bad idea; due to bugs, due to missing features... their best game, Europa Universalis 3, took 2 expansions to become good, so I was not hoping for much around 3 months ago. Lots of preview stuff said that the game was actually good, and I watched some 2 hour long streams of it, and that was good enough for me to preorder, and after playing an almost full game of it (this "full game" has take...

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